Current Favorites

Current Favorites It’s about time I share some of my new favorite products. I know I haven’t been so consistent on my blog, only because I have been super super busy. But, to make up for that I have been pretty active on Instagram. If you don’t see a blog post from me in a…


Things I’ve learned about weight loss

Things I’ve learned about weight loss Despite the fact that this has been the most requested topic on my blog I try to avoid it because… Well, firstly  I’m not a fitness entrepreneur, dietitian and/or a nutritionist. Secondly what I know is what I’ve learned from my own experiences/experimentations, and what works for me isn’t necessarily going to…

style tips for moms

Spring Style Tips for Moms

Spring Style Tips for Moms As a Mom myself, I can understand “comfort, functionality and practicality”  totally beats being experimental and risky with your style. Trying out something new can end up being a total disaster and you really don’t wanna go that path. At least, I don’t. I will say though, it’s extra challenging when…


A day in Bern, Switzerland

A day in Bern, Switzerland That place has a special place in my heart. Bern is the first city I stayed in when I first came to Switzerland. I stayed there for about 6 months before we moved. Yesterday we took a walk down the memory lane, and revisited some old places we used to love….


September Favorites

September Favorites  If I summarize the month of September, it has been a really fun but a hectic month. I have been really busy, more than usual. And I have quite a few things that I have loved this month to share. This year is passing by so quickly, and I’m glad it is. Anyhow!…