kim kardashian inspired makeup

Kim Kardashian Inspired makeup look

Kim Kardashian Inspired makeup look

Kim Kardashian, Hmm ! I know there are a lot of people who love Kim Kardashian and there are people who are total Anti- Kim Kardashian.  This is my first every celebrity inspired makeup look post. And Honestly I find that even if you like kim kardashian or you don’t. One thing you have to admit is that her makeup is always on point. When it comes to kim kardashian or any kardashian for that matter, people either really really love them, or really really hate them. I absolutely love Kim kardashian‘s make up looks and the makeup she wore on Met Gala was no exception. I think Kim’s makeup looks are flawless and perfect. I saw her Met Gala pictures, and I literally fell in love with her whole look. I know there has been this drama that Beyonce wore almost the same outfit in Black at Met gala few years ago, but honestly I really loved Kim Kardashian’s look, especially her makeup. So I tried it out for myself. You know how I always say work with what you have got. I  have no idea what products her glam squad used on her. I just saw the picture, loved the look and modified it according to what I own. Here is the final result.

kim kardashian inspired makeup6

kim kardashian inspired makeup6


kim kardashian inspired makeup5


I love how this makeup looks so natural, subtle and fresh. It is perfect for the day time and also for the night. It will look beautiful on any occasion, from your own wedding to your friends wedding, from dinner out to shopping with friends, it is just too perfect. I absolutely love it. Let’s see how I created this look.

Step #1

I applied a bright yellowy gold cream eyeshadow, very lightly all over the lid, from my sephora palette.




Step #2

Then I set it, using a same colored eyeshadow. I packed on that eyeshadow quite a bit, if you want to keep it subtle, apply just a light wash of gold.



Step #3

Then I mixed a brown eyeshadow and a brick color eye shadow, from my sephora palette and applied it in the crease, blending it upwards, towards the brow bone.



Step #4

Then I took a sparkly eyeshadow, which is merely sparkle and no other color, from my Dior eyeshadow palette and applied it all over the lid. After that applied a gold pencil on water line and black to tightline. Wingled eyeliner, now her wing was very tiny but I don’t like tiny wing on myself so I exaggerated a bit, but totally up to you. A bronze eyeshadow on the lower lashline. A satiny vanilla, almost while brow highlight and lots of mascara to finish of the look. I don’t wear false eyelashes, but if you do, go ahead and rock them lashes.




Kim Kardashian is actually know for her perfect nude lips. I used 3 products to actually make the perfect shade of nude, that looked the closest to what she had on. I use an essence lip pencil called Honey bun, and lined the lips. Then I applied BYS long lasting lipstick called Beautifully bare all over the lips and over the top, in the center of my lips I applied rimmel apocalips lip lacquer in Nude.

kim kardashian inspired makeup4


kim kardashian inspired makeup3

kim kardashian inspired makeup2

kim kardashian inspired makeup1

kim kardashian inspired makeup


I hope you like the look as much as I do. If you do end up creating it don’t forget to share it with me. You can send them to my facebook page or tag me on instagram @zunairasulman .

Good Luck!


Zunaira Sulman.


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