juicy couture ju 156

juicy couture ju 156 – Try on

Juicy couture ju 156 – Try on

A couple of weeks ago I discovered that my eyesight was getting weak. I was having random headaches, real bad ones and things just looked a little off. I was putting it off for a while, since I hate going to ANY type of doctor or clinic I just can’t, of course unless I’m absolutely dying then I will. But anyhow I got my eye sight checked and sure enough that’s what was causing the severe headaches. Who knew looking for a perfect pair of glasses was such a task ? Plus I bought it online, which makes it so much more difficult. The last thing I want is to take my toddler with me to shop for a pair of glasses and destroy the store pffff. Anyway, somehow I was able to put a finger on one that I absolutely loved.

juicy couture ju 156 juicy couture ju 156 IMG_0859-001 juicy couture ju 156

Juicy Couture Ju 156

Normally I’m not into juicy couture stuff. It’s just to fun for my style, if you know what I mean. But this pair I fell in love with. The black and gold Juciy Couture Ju 156. Surprisingly I”ve no problem with wearing glasses, may be because it’s still new to me and it’ll start to suck later on(lol), or may be I’ll just get used to it. While I was searching the TRY ON pictures of this pair online, I could not find. So I decided to post it online just in case. You will be seeing a whole lot of this pair on my Instagram from now on.

juicy couture ju 156

Β If you have any tips for new glasses-wearers, let me know I can use them haha :) If you’re looking for new pair of glasses I hope you find this post helpful.

Good Luck !


Zunaira Sulman

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