January Favorites beauty and fashion

January Beauty and Fashion Favorites 2015

January Beauty and Fashion Favorites 2015:

I do know there are still few days left in January. But I have planned some special stuff for February. Let’s get done with January Favorites. January has not been very kind to me to be honest. Happy New Year yayyy and what I got to know, the water pipes under the floor of my house have been broken and it has messed up everything. I was away at my parents, my Husband was away for work, and humidity ruined everything. Currently we are staying in another apartment while our house gets fixed. Well, not a very good start of the year. But It’s alright! Things Happen! And hopefully it will be fixed soon. I have been literally living out of a suit case from a long time, first Moving to a new place second went for vacation, third went to see my parents, and now my house… I have bought quite a few new products that I am excited to use, but products I’m about to share in this blog are all that I have used and loved this past month. Some of them are my all time favorites and some of them are new to me. So here we go…


Beauty Favorite:

I like beauty products that are quick to use. I love playing with dramatic makeup every now and then. But my go to looks are always simple, enhancing the natural features. Or the most I go for day to day bases is statement lips. I rarely ever go full on party glam. “Simple but Significant”. These are most of the products that help me achieve that look.





I got Estee Lauder’s Holiday Collection of glosses and lipsticks. And I have to say I am in love with literally every single one of them. Yes I do have my favorites though. I have been absolutely loving “Pure Color Envy Lipstick in 120 DESIRABLE” and “Shimmer gloss in 21 PINK INNOCENCE”. This has been my favorite combo as of lately. If you only want natural shine and no make up look, that gloss on its own does the job fantastically. The lipstick is so creamy, it literally melts on to the lips and make them look plump and hydrated. And it also has generous color pay off. I don’t apply any lip liner or concealer underneath it. Love it.


I love Urban decay eyeshadows. They are amazing. I like all the naked palettes. And I mostly go for Naked2 the most. But this past month I have been reaching a lot of Naked originals palette. Have been loving all the warm toned neutral shades. Most used shadows are “Smog, Virgin, Buck, Hustle and Creep”.


I love Maybelline’s color 24hr tattoos. I love how quick,mess-free, and mutipurpose they are. It works as a primer and you don’t have to set it with the shadow. It is long lasting and stays in place. 35 On and On Bronze is one of my favorite shades from Maybelline Color tattoo line. One swipe on your eyes, and you look put together without putting a lot of effort.


Nyx Eyebrow Kit in Dark brown is amazing. I love how it comes with mini brow brush and spoolie. And no they are not crappy brushes you through away. They actually work. I hate crappy and cheap brushes, they are just useless. I was gonna through these away too, but I’m glad I have them a try. They work just fine.It is perfect for anyone who has just started doing their brows.




Sephora blush in “dazzling pink”. It’s not just my Jan favorite. I have been using it EVERY SINGLE TIME from past 3 months. Love this one so much. It is so perfect. Plus it stays on your cheeks. I hate when blushes just disappear. It hasn’t made me breakout or anything. I don’t feel like using any other blush. I feel like it is going to be my favorite for a long time. It might appear in my next months favorite too.



I have mentioned it in my “top 3 affordable foundations” long time ago. Well I still love it. I love the liquid to powder finish. I have combination skin. Works perfectly for me.It is so light-weight. It doesn’t even feel like you have used a foundation. I hate the feeling to having makeup on my face for TOO LONG. This does not make me wanna wash my face after few hours. I feel comfortable wearing this for longer span of time.You can read the other blogpost for more information about this foundation. It is not great with flash photography but fantastic otherwise.


If you follow my blog you will know how much I love this lipstick. I have repurchased it many times. And I keep and extra just in case.I don’t do that with beauty products. Have never stocked on anything. But this one. L’oreal Color Riche lipstick in 378 Velvet rose. Absolutely love it. It is so natural looking and I love the way it makes my lips not only look but feel.


I love Real Techniques brushes. But to be specific these two are my favorites. Real Techniques Deluxe Crease Brush and Contour Brush. They both are fantastic.

Deluxe crease brush: It blends away the shadow so amazingly.It is this dense domed brush,when I travel I always bring this one with me. For lid shadow I use my finger and then use this brush to blend my crease shadow and my eye look is done. No matter what look I am going for, i find myself using this brush.

Contour Brush: Perfectly applies and blends at the same time. The last thing you want it stripes of bronzer on your shade. No matter what kind of contour you are usin, powder, pearls or creme contour. Work best for all types.


These are all the beauty favorites. Next are my Fashion Favorites, which are not many tbh. I have been loving two things a lot lately. My parka and my orthopedic moccasins.

Fashion Favorites:


My orthopedic moccasins. Well I am not old, but I do enjoy comfortable shoes. Firstly I am a mom, secondly I walk a lot, thirdly i have a back problem. So I think It is fine to wear orthopedic shoes. I hate when comfy shoes are ugly, and you never end up wearing them. I like the fact these are stylish, love the gold accents and love the color. It goes with everything. I have worn these shoes so freaking much, as you can see in the picture. They are well loved and worn. I have shared few pictures on my Instagram wearing these. And I am pretty sure their torture is not yet done. I still love them and gonna wear them till they tear apart.






Every girl needs an amazing Parka in her closet. I has been so windy and cold lately. This Parka is warmer than your usual parka and it has wind breaking material as the first layer. It has a built-in string to cinch in the waist, so you don’t look like a box walking. I love how furry the hood is. Love the color, everything about this parka I love. And this has been keeping me comfortable these windy days.


These are my January Beauty and Fashion Favorites. I hope you got something out of this post.

Good Luck !


Zunaira Sulman.



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