Huda Beauty vs Lilly Lashes

Huda Beauty vs Lilly Lashes

Ahh ! Lashes ! I never had amazing lashes to begin with, but I did have a couple of tricks up my sleeve to make them look “nice”, but then a couple of pregnancies later, I’m left with like two eyelashes, and no mascara in this world can make them look nice anymore. Naturally I went for the second best thing, FAKE LASHES. You know what they say, fake it until you make it. These days finding a good pair of eyelashes isn’t a problem at all, there’re plenty, for every style and every occasion, but finding a good lash glue definitely is a challenge.

Before I got obsessed with Huda beauty lash glue, I tried quite a few other lash adhesives, but they all were either too smelly, messy or not strong enough, and having sensitive eyes doesn’t help either. Anyhow Huda beauty lash glue worked like a dream. Never had any issues with lashes coming off or difficulty in application. Even though they do have a clear version of it, I prefer dark tone, personal preference. But, there’s one thing that I wish I could change about this product, Ahh ! the packaging. It’s duo lash glue like tube and I don’t like it AT ALL! 

I really hope they bring out a brush on applicator version of this product. That’d literally make it a Lash-glue Perfection. Anyhow since I wasn’t happy about the packaging and wanted an easy to use brush-on applicator. I ordered Lilly lash Brush-on lash adhesive, was super excited to try it out(if you follow my insta-stories, you’ll know that), and since it’s latex-free I thought it’d be better for my sensitive eyes(However I don’t have any latex allergies).

I’ve tried to make this product work so many times but every single time it was a disaster. It had mixed reviews online but those with good reviews LOVED it, so clearly it’s about preference and what works for you, but for me ! I hated the smell, the applicator didn’t work the way I expected, didn’t apply enough glue on the lash band, and mind you I only use lashes with thin bands, the lash-glue dried out too quickly, when I reapplied and made it work, the lashes popped up from the inner corners within a couple of hours.In my personal experience Huda beauty lash glue is way better than the Lilly lashes brush-on lash adhesive.

Hope you find this post helpful.


Zunaira Sulman.

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