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How to rock a Nude lipstick

How to rock a Nude lipstick

It’s no secret by now that I absolutely love nude lipsticks. Nude lipsticks are absolutely gorgeous, they look beautiful on everyone, on every occasion, you just can’t go wrong with a nude lipstick. With that being said I think it’s pretty tricky to achieve a look that is not too dull, deadly and washed out, especially if you’re new to the makeup world, wearing a perfect nude lipstick is harder than it looks. The Perfect Nude lip is such a big trend this fall, but again when it isn’t ? I think it’s one of those classic things that never go out of style, like “Red lips”. In today’s blog post I’m sharing some of my tips and tricks that I have learned over the years on how to wear a nude lipsticks.

nude lipstick

Find Your Perfect Nude Shade

The most important step is to find the perfect shade of nude for your skin tone. How to find a perfect shade of nude for your skin tone, hmm Let me know if you want me to do a post dedicated to that topic. Without going in too much details, you need to keep in mind you are looking for a shade that doesn’t washes you out and works with your undertones. Once you find your perfect nude lip shade,

nude lipstick

The condition of your lips matter

A lot of the times if you’re going for hydrating, balmy pinky nudes it’s no big deal. Those products act like a lip balm too, so nothing to worry. But when it comes to nude lipsticks, I personally like opaque beigey nudes. Yes I like pinky nudes too, but I prefer pigmented beige-nudes wayyyy over pink-tones. In that case it’s super important that you get rid of any dead skin from the lips and keep them moisturized. Since beige-nudes can really make you look lifeless, the last thing you want is your lips to be dry and chapped. Exfoliate and moisturize them.

nude lipstick

Glossy ? Creamy ? Satin ? Matte ? Or Ultra Matte?

Well it’s always good to know which finish flatters your face the most, or which finish you like the most on yourself. I personally love Glossy and Demi-Matte finish when it comes to rocking a nude lip look. MAC matte lipsticks are my absolute favorite for perfect nude lip look.

nude lipstick

Add color to your face

When you wear a nude lipstick, it really helps to add color/life in to your face by using a bronzer and a pink or peach blush. Always make sure your face doesn’t look flat. There has to be some life and color on your face. Otherwise no matter how perfect of a shade you find, or how perfect your application is, it’s gonna look pretty flat.


Blush nude lipstick

Line your lips

Whenever I wear a nude lipstick, a lip liner makes a world of a difference. Add some definition to your lips. You don’t want your lips to be blended in with your skin, even if the lipstick is a shade darker than your skin tone, depending on the lighting, it can really make you look washed out. Been there, done that. Don’t forget to add a lip liner, but please blur the lines with you pinky finger and then put on a nude lipstick over top. Let’s suppose the shade you chose is not perfect for you, but by adding a lip liner there’re less chances to look dead or zombie-like.


nude lipstick

Balancing the Look ?

Now it’s not super important to go heavy on eye when you’re wearing a nude lips, but if you don’t feel confident enough yet in wearing a nude lipstick, then balance out the look with your eye makeup. You can go a little darker with the eyeshadows and it’s a always a flattering look for everyone. Nude lipstick paired with bold eye makeup is just a universal combination, but I do have to say I love keeping it soft on the eyes as well, as long as your face isn’t flat and you have mascara on, you’re good.

nude lipstick

Plump up the lips

I love a nude matte lip look, but if you want your lips to look fuller, add a little bit of lip gloss just in the center of your lips. It creates a beautiful 3D illusion of fuller and more puckered up lips. Plus it’s a great way to make your lips look more alive.

nude lipstick

I have shared my favorite nude lip picks on the blog and my absolute favorite nude lipstick from a while now, is “Mac Matte Lipstick Kinda Sexy” and lip liner ” Nyx retractable lip line 10 Nude”. Honey Bun from Essence is discontinued but that’s my top favorite lip liner.

nude lipstick

I hope you find this post helpful.

Good Luck!


Zunaira Sulman.

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