How to: Radiant and Dewy skin with makeup – product recommendations

How to: Radiant and Dewy skin with makeup – product recommendations


It’s all about that healthy glow these days. There is a very thin line in between looking healthy, glowy,radiant, glam and shiny, discoball, oily,sticky. You want to create a look that looks healthy, and it looks like the glow from within your skin. It is very easy to over-do it and make your face look, extra shiny and unrealistic. It is super important to use a light-hand while using highlighters and illuminators. There are different ways to get that radiant effect. All over glow, highlighting high points on your face using illuminators or using a light creamy concealer. It is confusing, but I will break it down in this blog and try my best to explain it well, (as per my knowledge). There are plenty of products in the market that help you achieve that glow, you can totally get creative and use suuuuper fine eyeshadows as well to highlight certain areas on your face. It’s all about what works best for you and your skin type.ย  There are dewy primers, there are liquid and cream illuminators, there are powder highlights, there are foundation options for dewy and radiant skin. It can get super confusing as for what would work the best for you. I mean who has time, energy and money to try out every single method to figure out what works the best for you. In this blog I am going to share techniques to achieve dewy and radiant skin depending on different skin types and also I am going to give my recommendations for highend and affordable options. I hope I can answer all your questions regarding this topic. Because I get asked about it a lot. If you still have questions, you can leave them in the comment section of this post or my facebook and I will try and answer them. Anyway. All the details are below,

All over glow:

There are two most effective ways to get all over glow. Or as far as I know.

You can apply a very thin layer of liquid iluminator all over your face before you apply your foundation, And blend it well. Keep swirling the brush and blending and buffing the foundation in to your skin. To really get that super hydrated, healthy, radiant and glowing skin effect. You can easily over-do this method. Make sure the layer you apply of illuminator is suuuuuper thin and blend the heck out of your foundation. It will give you such a beautiful JLo-esque glow. Nyx iluminators,Revlon photoreadyskinlight illuminator,ย  Maybelline magique lumi primer, stilla all over shimmer and benefit liquid highlighters are great. This method, if you do it right, will give you the most beautiful glow from within, and would look super natural.

magique lumi


benefit highlitorstilla

  • Secondly you can use certain kind of foundations that claim to give that dewy and radiant look. This is not my personal favorite technique, but it would work great for people with normal to dry or super dry skin. And also it is the fastest way to achieve that look. I have combination skin. I have to be very careful with the foundations I use, my face tends to get really oily if I use super heavy or overly dewy foundations. L’Oreal true match and Infallible foundations and Revlon Photoready Airbrush foundation gives a pretty healthy look. And as my skin gets warmed up and it sits on to my skin for a while, It gives a super hydrated beautiful glow, without looking sticky, oily and shiny. It just looks that your skin is well taken care of. Secondly L’Oreal true match Lumi foundation works great. It makes you skin look so beautiful glowing and healthy without looking like a disco ball. You might have to touch up through out the day with a velour sponge or powder. But is not at all shiny and sticky like most dewy foundations are. It doesn’t feel heavy on skin at all. I hate when foundations that claim to be dewy and hydrating are super sticky and makes you look like an absolute disaster after a while. And they melt off your skin and ruin your makeup.Also Bourjois 123 perfect foundation is great for that glow, but I would suggest people with dry skin to go for bourjois foundations or use them in colder months. If you have super oily skin but you like that glow, honestly use your usual foundation, and it will warm up on to your skin, and within 20+ minutes,it will give you that glow, without having to use any other products or max just use a powder highlight to highlight the high-points of your face.ย  Or If you really want that glamorous all over glow you can use a matteย  primer underneath your foundation and powder highlights on high points of your face to get that pretty glow. Revlon shimmer bricks and nyx powder illuminators would work great for you.

1_2_3_perfect_foundation true match lumi

LOreal-Infallible-Long-Lasting-Perfection-Foundation-Golden-Beige-158184revrevlon highting Fit-Me-Foundation-NEW-240-Golden-Beige loreal_infallible_24h_stay_fresh_foundation_billigparfumedk__39595

High-points on your face:

If you have super oily skin or All over glow is not your thing. You should definitely go for highlighting selected areas on your face, rather than full face. The rule of highlighting is to apply highlighter or the light shade of concealer on the areas you want to bring out. So it catches the eyes and bring attention to those areas. Also you can trick the eyes to see your highlighted areas, rather than a little bit of imperfections on your face. You can use liquid, powder, cream or stick any highlighters and illuminators to highlight certain areas on your face. Whichever works the best for you. If you have super oily skin stick to powder highlighter, if you have combination skin like I do, you are most likely to get any with all of them, And if you have super dry skin go for liquid/cream highlighters. They do not cling on dry patches. Because one thing you need to know about using highlighters and illuminators, is that, It is going to bring attention to every imperfection on your face. For example if you have a pimple or bumps on your cheekbone, highlighter is going to exaggerate it and show it 10x more. I prefer this technique personally. Now if you don’t know what are high points of you face are. Just see which parts on your face pop out more. And has a slight curve as compare to rest of your face. Like sides of you forehead, the bridge of your nose, your cupid’s bow (curve on your upper lip), and your browbone. All the illuminators and highlighters I recommend earlier would work great.

Concealer Highlighting:

You can also use a light concealer to highlight and get that radiant and glowy effect. Any concealer that is 2 shades lighter than your skin would highlight areas of your desire on your face. This is the most subtle and easy way to highlight and get that dewy effect. Always make sure to use a slightly creamy concealer. And blend it super well. It should totally blend in to your foundation seamlessly. This method is mostly used to highlight and contour not so much for dewy skin. But I have noticed that when I use Maybelline’s instant age rewind concealer for my undereyes, I drag it down just a little bit on my cheekbones as well, and blend it super well. You might have seen that in my pictures on instagram or facebook that my cheeckbones look glowy and dewy, that’s just my concealer. And no other product. Maybelline’s Fit me concealer, Rimmel Wake me Up concealer and Maybelline’s instant age rewind concealers, work great for that subtle more natural dewy look.

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What I do to get dewy skin:

All over glow

For all over glow I use Rimmel Wake me up foundation. It is so amazing. It is iluminators and foundation in one product. It has very very veryyyyyyy fine shimmer in it. Which is not noticeable on face at all, suuuper suuuuuper fine shimmer. But if you apply this foundation with sponge, the shimmer is going go be noticeable. I always use a buffing brush to apply this foundation or I use my hands to apply this foundation. By using this foundation I skip on two steps. I do not need to apply a liquid iluminator underneath my foundation and blend for ages neither do it leaves the need to apply the powder illuminators on high points. Never ever wear this foundation where there is possibility to get flash photographed. It does not look good in flash photography. But when you are going out with friends, shopping, casual occasions or anywhere where there is no flash photography it looks great. It has a good coverage. And makes your skin look super dewy healthy and hydrated. I do not need to add any other products underneath or on top of my skin when I use this foundation. So it is like three in one situation. People with oily skin should totally avoid it. And they should in general avoid all over glow techniques and go for highlighting selected areas on your face with powder highlighters, because all the products will warm up on their face and after sitting there for a while, their face oils are going to make it look dewy and glowy anyway. If you over-do it, it is not going to look pretty at all.

Highlighting certain areas on my face

This is my most preferred way of highlighting. I like to highlight my cheekbones and cupid’s bow only. You can highlight all the high points on your face if you like the way it looks on you. I think that highlighted cheekbones and cupid’s bow look the best on me. I use any super fine eyeshadow to highlight And I use blushes that have a little bit of shimmer in them. But always double check the shimmer should be super fine and not chunky at all. It looks super amazing. I love the glowy and healthy effect it gives to my skin. I like using powder product, so there is no way my combination skin will ruin that glow or I end up looking like a disco-ball, oily mess.


I hope I have answered all your questions regarding this topic.

Good Luck!


Zunaira Sulman.

5 thoughts on “How to: Radiant and Dewy skin with makeup – product recommendations

  1. Idk whats wrong with my skin after one or two hours i apply my foundation my skin started to look dull as well my color and in the centre area there is oil specialy my nose area plzz tell me something what can i do ? Maybe it would help

    1. hey.. I think you are using the wrong foundation. And secondly may be you need to set it with powder properly, Specially in your T-zone, like you said the central part of you face, forhead nose and chin area. Try and use powder foundations, or matte foundations. Go for L’Oreal Magic nude liquid powder foundation, which I myself use or Maybelline fit me matte foundation. I also have combination skin which is super oily in the T-zone. And use a decent setting powder. I use Rimmel stay matte or bourjois healthy mix setting powder to fix my foundation in place. With L’Oreal liquid to powder foundation you do not need to set it, but if you have super oily T-zone, it’s better to set it with powder. Secondly if your skin still feels oily, use a matte primer before you apply any makeup. Or keep blotting sheet and powder with you. When your skin gets oily take the excess oil off by using blotting sheets, and set your foundation again with powder, just touch it up and it will be fresh again.
      hope that helps :)

      1. Thnku so much i was actually using maybelline dream mouse and dmgm foundation as it was recommended by a friend and i set my foundation with true match loreal pressed powder but i feel that loreal powder sets well on my skin but foundation i need to change now can i go for loreal true match will it be good or the loreal magic founation will be best kindly tell ?

        1. I personally prefer L’Oreal Nude Magique liquid to powder foundation over true match, but that’s just my preference, both foundations are great though :)

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