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How to properly wear bright and dark lipsticks

How to properly wear bright and dark lipsticks

I do know that Dark lip shades are more appropriate for colder months. But this trend is not going anywhere. It is here to stay. There will be more neon and brighter lippies for spring and summer. But you will still see dark shades around. I am not complaining at all. I am the kind of person who really doesn’t follow trends and does what I like, and whenever I want. Don’t get shocked if you see me wearing dark purple, berry or brown lipstick in the middle of july. It’s just about how I am feeling and what I want. Trends are seriously no big deal. Just do what you like and what makes you feel super confident. That’s just my opinion. I do not believe in Do’s and Don’ts. It is good that there are some guide lines and rules to follow. But if you like over doing it. Do your thing. It’s all about expressing yourself. Anyway, I love wearing bright and dark lipsticks, just as much as I like to stick to my nudes. I seriously feel like I have split personality or something. There is this side to me that loves super chic, elegant, timeless and subtle looks. And then there’s this side which is like a complete opposite. Who likes the grunge, gothic andΒ fierece looks. It totally depends on my mood. I love changing up my look and playing with makeup. One thing you really need to know about wearing dark and bright lips is that, it is not at all as difficult as it look. Statement lips can be super intimidating and a lot of people don’t experiment with them, or try them out just because they seem to be difficult to pull off or the application is hard or they are not very bold with their makeup. It is super easy to pull off. If you know the right way to do statement lips, trust me you would wanna wear bold and bright lipsticks more often. A lot of time people think that statement lips don’t look good on them, only because they do not know the right way to wear it. In this blog I am going to share my tips and tricks as for how you can rock statement lips,


Even out your complexion:

It is so so , sooooo important to even out your skin when you are wearing statement lips. Make sure your foundation is well blended. And no discoloration on your skin is peeking through your foundation. I always talk about how I love sheer foundations. But in this case NO ! you need to wear a foundation that evens out your skin pretty well, no discoloration on your skin peeks through, your dark circles, darkness around your lips, redness around you nose, any blemishes and acne scars should be well covered and your foundation application has to be super even and blended out. If the imperfections on your skin, discoloration and darkness shows up on your face, it is going to make your makeup look messy, unattractive, over-done and clownish. So first step is to really even out your complexion. And let the statement lip part be the focus, which brings me to the next point,


Balance out your makeup look:

If you want a very chic and high-fashion look. Make sure you balance out your makeup look and let the lips be the focus of the look. If you are in to grunge and gothic makeup looks. Do your thing. But if you want it to be very chic and sultry it is super important to balance out your makeup. Do not over do the blush or eyes. Stay in the same tones of blush as your lippie. Cool toned lippie calls for cool toned blush. warm toned lippie calls for warm toned blush. There are exceptions but as I said if you want really chic and sultry look, keep these things in mind. Use very light, neutral eyeshadows or just a winged eyeliner, or just coats and coats of mascara. Make sure that your makeup is well balanced. And you use neutral shades on rest of your face.

dark lip balance

Let lips be the focus of your whole look:

By whole look I mean is including your clothing. If you want to be on the safe side and you are new to statement lip look, go for less busy prints or plain pieces. Try and avoid super detailed prints and super busy patterns and cuts. Yes, In some cases it looks great to use a bold shade as a lippie from the top you are wearing. But If you want to stay on the safe side as I mentioned, go for more plain pieces or less busy and eye-catching prints. And let the focus be on lips.

neutral clothing

Exfoliate and Moisturize you lips:

Nobody likes dry chapped lips. And then to make the situation worse apply a statement lippie on it. It is a recipe for disaster. It will look so ugly. Just DON’T do that. NOBODY likes dry patchy chapped lips, and if you do, there is something seriously very wrong with you (lol). Just kidding ! well, not really.. whoops. Anyway. Make sure to exfoliate your lips and use a good lip balm or chapstick to moisturize your lips. The application of your lip products is going to be super easy and pretty if your lips are exfoliated and well hydrated.

elf-lip-exfoliator lip care

Things you need to keep in mind while over-drawing your lips:

YOU DO NOT HAVE TO OVER-DRAW THE WHOLE LIP. It is okay to overdraw lips. Sometimes the upper lip is bigger than the lower lip or vice versa, you can totally even out your lips or you just like the look of bigger lips. Do not over draw the whole lips. you just have to over draw the center part of the lips and as you reach till the ends of your lips, stay with in the lines. Otherwise you gonna look like a clown. Yes, I have done that mistake, And I realized, that just looks way off and bad. And I wiped that thing off of my face right away. And I realized by over-drawing just the central part of your lips give more natural and realistic look. Second thing you need to know is, whenever you are over drawing the lips, always make sure you use a matte lip product. When you use a glossy or creamy lip product, it looks so fake. It totally looks over-drawn and highlights the actual lip line. It looks horrible. Matte lip products are the way to go when you want to over-draw your lips. If you want to over-draw just a tiniest bit, creamy lip products would look fine. But if you like to really accentuate the cupid’s bow or lower lip, avoid creamy/glossy lip products.


Stain, Blot and set:

Always make sure to blot and set. It makes a world of a difference in the wear of your bold lips. There is nothing that annoys me more than, when the lipstick wears off from the middle of the lips after you eat or drink and give this horrible look of having a smudged lip liner. That is UGLY, UGLY UGLY. I have this Stain,Β  blot and set rule. Everytime I wear a bold lips. I apply a very thin layer of lipstick on my lips, using my finger and rub it around like a lip balm, to really stain my lips. Then I blot it with the tissue paper and repeat the step. Once my lips are stained well. I apply my lipstick blot it again with a tissue, now as an extra step you can apply just a little bit of setting powder using a brush over the tissue paper, to really set your lipstick. Normally I just stain and blot, stain and blot. It makes my lipstick last for so much longer. And even when it rubs off, it doesn’t look ugly and annoying. Because I had my lips stained already. Also by doing this you make sure you lipstick doesn’t slide or feather on your face.


Conceal for clean lines:

To make your lips stand out even more, and make them look super perfect. Use a concealer through the lines of your lips. It will clean up the lines and you will get pouty and pretty lips. It’s like highlighting your cheekbone to bring them out. It does the same for your lips. Use any brush, foundation brush, concealer brush, whichever you can handle and control the best. And clean those lines. And then blend it in the foundation.


Use a lip pencil or brush:

If you really want those perfectly done statement lips. Use a lip pencil for the easiest application. It is going to give you so much precision and control over the application. You will be able to stay in lines or over-draw with ease and perfection. The lines will be clean, there will be less to no mistakes when you use a lip pencil. But if you don’t have or don’t want to buy lip pencil with lipstick, like I do not have, neither do I want to buy lip pencils that go well with my lippies all the time, invest in a lip brush. You will still have precision and control over the application but not as much as lip pencil. If you’re really really bad at applying bold lippies, I think lip pencils are for you. Applying a lipstick with a brush does take a little bit of practice, but it’s better to start now and perfect your skills.

lip brush lip pencil

Be Confident:

No matter how perfectly you have done your lips, if you are not confident it is not going to do anything for you. A girl with a little messy application and confidence comes across way more appealing than the girl with perfect application and no confidence. If it is not your thing at all. Then, just don’t do it at all. It is fun to play around with looks, but it’s not a must. If you like to stay in your comfort-zone, then do that. It’s no big deal. Anything you do, do it with confidence or not at all.


I hope these tips will help you out in order to get super plump, pouty and pretty lips.

Have Fun,


Zunaira Sulman.

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