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How to make your perfume last all day (Valentine’s Special)

The right way to apply Perfume, common mistakes:

There are so many types of Perfumes. They go from mildest to the strongest fragrances, which depends on the aromatic compounds. The lasting power of the perfumes and also the way they smell varies from person to person. For an average person the fragrance lingers for about 3 – 4 hours, if they apply it the right way. Every person has different acidity level in their skin, your lifestyle has a lot to do with it. If you eat too much spicy food or you are on certain type of strong medication, you need fragrances that have heavy aromatic compounds in them, at the same time they smell good on your skin, which can be tricky.ย  Find the perfume that smells the best on you. You actually get to smell the true fragrance of a perfume on your skin after 20 minutes of applying it. So test out different perfumes and see which one smells the best on you. You might love the way someone’s perfume smell, but it will smell different on you, because the acidity level of your skin is different, as I mentioned before. There are so many types of fragrances out there to choose from, the most common ones are; Blam aka solid perfume, Eau de Cologne, Eau de Toilette, Eau de Parfum, Non-diluted Parfum. “Eau de” forms are diluted versions of Perfume. The Non-diluted versions are the most expensive andย luxurious ones , because they have the highest level of aromatic compounds, from about 20-40%. They usually come in small bottles or roll on kind. A few dabs of parfum will linger throughout the day. But still if you don’t use it the right way it will not be as effective, no matter how luxurious or expensive your perfumes are.


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Now that I have shared the most common types of fragrances. It’s time to share how to make your perfume last longer.

Pulse Points:

A lot of people just spritz the perfume randomly, and they make sure they spritz a lot, in order to make their fragrance stay all day, but within an hour or so, they find that their fragrance is gone. It is because the atmosphere and environment takes it away. And specially in humid weather, your fragrance will NOT last. Whereas when you apply the fragrance on your pulse points.Those are the areas that produce body heat, which allows your fragrance to linger. Always apply perfume on your wrists, behind the ears, neck area. Or may be behind the knees. Plus I don’t understand Why people rub their perfume in between their wrists. Perfume has a tendency to get heat up, and your pulse points produce body heat, why would you rub them together ? It is not a pleasant feeling, you are gonna end up hurting yourself. Just dab in the perfume, with both of your wrists. or Let it soak by itself.

Body Lotion/Vaseline trick:

Try and use a same body lotion as your perfume or use a complimenting body lotion before you spritz on your perfume. It will give your perfume a base to hold on to and stay all day. It makes a huuuuge huuuuge difference. I suggest not to mix scents, because most of the times, it ends up smelling like something medicine-like or it smells funky. If you have really found the complementing combo, then sure go ahead use them. But try and use the same body lotion to get the truer scent and to make the fragrance last longer. The affordable alternative to that is, using Vaseline before applying your perfume. Does the job too.

pleasure set

Re-apply after 3 – 4 hours:

If your fragrance doesn’t stay for more than 3 – 4 hours even after applying on the pulse points, which happens with most of the people. It’s no big deal. Keep the miniature bottle or sample size with you on the go.

Good Hygiene & Moisturized Body:

If you don’t have good hygiene, moisturized and well taken care of body, no perfumes will work for you. Cleanliness is the first rule, and hydrated body is on second. If your skin/pores are clean the scent will sink in better and linger for longer.

Spritz from 20-30 cm:

Don’t spritz the perfume right into your skin. Spritz from 20-30 cm, let it sit , sink and spread on your skin. When you spritz the perfume close to your skin, you cover less area of your skin and waste more product. And It does not absorb into your skin like it is suppose to be. It will sit on your skin and evaporate in the air. And you will find your scent does not stay, well, that’s because it evaporated rather than absorbing.

I hope you find this post helpful.

Good Luck!


Zunaira Sulman.

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