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How to make basic outfits interesting

How to make basic outfits interesting:

I wear the most basic outfits in this world. I live in jeans, black jeans to be specific and top. Because it is super comfortable and mama-friendly. I do not have a super luxe life with baby sitters and butlers, No! I can’t roam around in dresses and fancy sparkly clothes. And I know for most people it’s the same. Honestly I love Basic plain jeans and tee. There is nothing that makes me feel more confident than a pair of black jeans and a white tee, which is like the most common and basic combo. However I do certain things to make my plain outfit look interesting. How to make most out of your least fancy outfits. Let’s take an example of Basic White over sized V neck tee and a skinny black jeans and add things around it to make it interesting. It goes of any kind of outfit btw.


Rose Gold Accents:


I absolutely Love rose gold accessories. Silver and Gold accessories are very very common. Most people wear silver and gold accessories. Try and change up a bit, use unusual and classy shades for your accessories. They catch the eyes and make you outfit interesting. Same goes for knuckle rings, they are kind of common but you don’t see everybody wearing those. It still makes you stand out and give that different vibe. Watch is an accessory that completes every outfit, and by throwing in few extra bits you make a lovely subtle statement.

Delicate unexpected jewelry:


Delicate little details. A nice pair of studs, and few delicate middi-rings or a pair of ear-cuffs, gives your basic outfit so much more personality. I do agree a plain V neck tee and black jeans can look boring. Add some interest by wearing unusual ear-cuffs and delicate jewelry.

Black and White Themed Accessories:


How can an outfit not look interesting with this combo. Go with the theme and add black and white accessories to the mix. You will have to most put-together look. It will literally look like you spent a good amount of time throwing this outfit together. And just to make it extra extra fabulous add a statement red lipstick. Honestly this has to be my favorite of all, I live in black and white clothes.

A Pop of color:

IMG_4188 IMG_4190 maybelline color tatto

urbandecay electric palette



You can add a pop of color with anything. Your makeup, your accessories, you shoes, nail paint. Anything to add more interest in your out fit. A pop of color with a plain neutral outfit is always a good idea. I would totally suggest your handbag or a nice pair of shoes.

Leather Jacket and Bomb Shades:


To be honest I haven’t worn this jacket even once yet. It is unleashing on my blog without me even wearing it(lol). I am still wearing my H&M leather jacket, which I absolutely love. Plus those shades, people seem to really like on my instagram, facebook and even people besides the social media. It is my favorite pair of glasses. If you follow me on IG or FB you will knowΒ  I am obssssssessssssed with round shades. They are chic and bold at the same time. You can wear them with any outfit and they just make the outfit. This is a killer combo, seriously I am confused which one is love the most. Anyhow I assure you this combo will definitely rock your plain outfit. You can add more sophisticated jacket if your outfit or your style demands.

Statement Lipstick and Plain winged eyeliner:

IMG_3759 - Copy IMG_2658 IMG_1790

statement lips statement lispYou can easily express your style with winged eyeliner. There is a look for every style. soft and subtle, bold and rad, ethnic and traditional, from chic to biker chic you can create any look with winged eyeliner. And add a statement lipstick to give extra oomph to the look. I find people with simple but statement style so impressive. Anybody can look fancy in fancy designer outfits. It’s about how you pull off the simplest looks. I find comfortable but statement style way more appealing than fancy outfits.

Animal Print:

mkwatch shhoes sjpes4 smalejI love that watch so freaking much. It’s definitely on my wish-list. Can you already imagine the look ? how it transformed by adding little pieces like that. Snake skin pattern is unusual, those heels are to die for. Honestly I love Cheetah print, no matter how Cliche it will get, I will love it. But I think snake-skin pattern also looks great, specially in shoes and also clutches. It looks F A B, and adds more spice to your bland look.

Proper Manicure:

By proper manicure, I mean at home, well shaped even nails, with even coating of nail polish. I do my manicures by myself. I feel like when my nails are properly done, I have my life together. No seriously, chipped and uneven nails annoy the heck out of me. I do have time to paint my nails somehow but I don’t have time to wait until they get dried, no matter how late I apply my nail paint, I put everyone to sleep and do it, something just happens and I end up ruining them. So, it really makes me happy when I have proper manicure, non smudged and budged. And there is nothing that makes me feel more put-together as freshly done manicure does. Plus by added unexpected colors or really clean french manicure you can totally add interest to you plain look.

zsnails zsnails1 zsnails2 zsnails3 zsnails4 zsnails5 zsnails6 zsnails7 zsnails8 zsnails9 zsnails10 zsnails11

I took all these pictures from my Instagram account, check out my ig account for details on these nail paints.

Ear Studs:

Ear studs are the best way to add some bling to your look without being over the top for a plain outfit. I love wearing ear-studs. I would totally be happy with a pair of ear studs and a good watch to finish off the look. I think these two accessories are a must for any girl/lady. You do not need to add more accessories if you don’t like wearing accessories and you will still look put-together and your outfit will still have some interest as compare to no accessories and plain basic tee and jeans. It looks effortlessly chic.

ear studs ear studss ear studsss ear studsssss earstids earstuds eastuds

Killer Shoes (heels or flats):

You can jazz up anyyyyyyy plain outfit, anyyyy plainnnn dress just by adding a pair of awesome shoes. No matter you wear heels, or flats, a good pair of shoes can totally make your plain outfit look awesome and interesting. And I think that’s also the easiest way to add interest to you outfit.

heeels heels heelss heelss sheo shhoes shoees shoes shoess shooes

I hope this post will help you to jazz up your plain and basic outfits. Have fun with your looks.

Good Luck!


Zunaira Sulman.

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  1. wow you’re michael kors watch is so beautiful! thank you for this interesting blog post, very helpful!
    Hope to meet you once over on my blog. :)
    xoxo Livia

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