Summer makeup

How to keep your summer makeup fresh

How to keep your summer makeup fresh

I think every girl who likes to wear makeup needs to know, how to keep their summer makeup fresh, I don’t think melting makeup is a very attractive look for anyone. In this blog post I’ll be sharing 8 way to keep your summer makeup looking fresh all day.

Summer makeup Tip #1

  •  Exfoliate and Hydrate

Prepping your skin for makeup is just as important, as the products you put on it. Your skin gets very dehydrated and blotchy in summer. Make sure you exfoliate your skin with a gentle face scrub, drink lots and lots of water and moisturize your skin. If your skin is well hydrated it is less prone to over-produce natural face oil, extra oil production = oily face.

summer makeup

Summer makeup Tip #2

  • Primer

I’m not very big on primers. Because I don’t wear makeup for a very long time, after few hours I just wash it off. But if you work, for special occasions, outdoors or anything like that where you want your summer makeup to stay fresh. Opt for a primer. If you have super oily skin opt for a mattifying primer. Makeup Forever Step 1 Mattifying primer (the grey tube) is an amazing product, for people with suuuuper oily skin. In order to keep your summer makeup fresh this step is very very important.

summer makeup

Summer makeup Tip #3

  • Opt for a powder foundation or matte foundation

If your skin doesn’t need a lot of coverage, and you just want to even out the complexion, it is the first thing you should replace in your summer makeup opt for powder foundation. If you need a little bit more coverage opt for oil-free and matte foundations.

summer makeup

Summer Makeup Tip #4

  • Never Ever forget to set your foundation

Always use some sort of a setting powder to set your foundation and keep it on the go with you, for touch ups. Bourjois Healthy Balance pressed powder and Rimmel Stay Matte are the gems in the drugstore. You can’t keep your summer makeup looking fresh without this step.

summer makeup

Summer makeup Tip # 5

  • Blotting Sheets are your best buddies

Blotting sheets are a life savior. Blot off the excess oils and then retouch with the powder. It takes few seconds and totally freshen ups your whole look.

summer makeup

Summer Makeup Tip #6

  • Retractable Brush or Velour puff should always be in your purse

Make sure for touch ups you use clean brush or puff. Always use a retractable brush or clean velour puff to freshen up your makeup. In summer you’re already more prone to get breakouts, so be very careful with what you put on your face.

summer makeup

Summer makeup Tip # 7

  • Setting Spray

Setting spray makes a world of a difference in the way your makeup wears through out the day. I don’t use setting sprays anymore because I never really need to wear makeup all day, or more than few hours, but I used to use it all the time before becoming a mom, when my hubby & I used to go out A LOT. These days there are so many setting sprays in the market. If you really NEED to keep your summer makeup fresh, use a setting spray. Nyx has both matte and dewy finish ones, Urban Decay Di Slick makeup setting spray is great too, they also have the Oil Control one with the grey lid, whereas the regular one has purple lid. If you have some special occasion or you work long hours. Setting Spray will really make a difference in your summer makeup look.

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Summer makeup tip # 8

  •    Use long lasting, smudge-proof, transfer-proof and waterproof makeup products

Your summer makeup should be minimal and actually consist of few waterproof and long lasting makeup products. Such as, Maybelline color tattoos instead of generic eyeshadows, replace generic lipsticks with liquid lip lacquers, regular Mascara with waterproof one. Your makeup will not smudge or move the whole day.

summer makeup

summer makeup

Makeup bag Essentials for summer makeup:

  1. Blotting Sheets
  2. Retractable Brush
  3. Pressed Powder Compact

I think these things are really really important. If you want to carry something extra a face mist is a good option. But Blotting your face first, and then setting everything with the powder, freshen ups your summer makeup without making it look cakey. But always blot off the excess oil before setting your face with the powder. Otherwise you’ll bake a cake on your face.

summer makeup

You definitely don’t have to follow all these summer makeup tips to keep your makeup looking fresh all day. Pick and choose the ones that fit your needs the best. Plus if you have really super oily skin, to keep your summer makeup fresh you can use oil-control/purifying face masks once or twice a week.

I hope you find this post helpful. If you have any questions you can ask me in the comments below, facebook page or on instagram @zunairasulman.

Good Luck !


Zunaira Sulman.

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