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How to: Fill in the brows

How to: Fill in the brows

Eyebrows, Eyebrows EVERY-FREAKING-WHERE ! Eyebrows are soooo sooo soo hyped ATM. Everyone is going crazy about them brows. Well groomed brows look great, True! But honestly when something gets wayyyy tooo hyped, it kinda starts annoying me. Like I love well groomed brows, but it’s not everything. It’s not end of the world if you don’t jump on the perfectly arched and filled in brows band-wagon. I think it is important to groom your brows, but keep the natural shape. Don’t change the shape or over-pluck them to get a certain shape. It is important to have a look that makes you the most confident, it is not about how you are suppose to do it, it is about how you feel like doing it. I have been trying out many ways to find the look that makes me feel the best. I have tried the most intense looks, I have tried the most subtle looks, and finally I have found the one that I think works the best. In this blog I will be sharing how I fill in my brows, but it is not everyday kinda brow-look. It is more for when I plan on having a glam and fancy makeup look.

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Step #1

I do not pluck or thread my brows it is what it is. However from past couple of months I have been waxing some bits myself. I know that is shocking. I do not recommend anyone to wax their brows by themselves. I kinda have control over wax, I wax myself, I know how it works, I have a lot of control over waxing, that is why I did it. It was not a risk for me, I knew I could so I did, anyway, do not wax, thread or pluck them if you are not sure. Anyway, I love the natural shape of my brows. I have a very defined but subtle arch and my brows can be shaped in many ways, by filling them in. I like to lightly line in the lower part of my brows to make a clean and crisp line. As you can see in the picture. I kept it more noticeable for this blog post sake, So, you people can see properly, but do as dark or as light as you like and prefer.


Step #2

For the upper part of the brows, I do not like to draw a line from the very starting. I have tried that but it does not look right to me, at all. So I leave about a centimeter from the starting of my brows and with a very light hand create a clean line, as you can see in the picture. Make sure in the end you brush it all through with a spoolie brush to soften up the line.


Step #3

Now I use a powder product to fill in the sparse areas in the brows and I make sure I brush it through with the spoolie brush. It will make sure, the product spreads evenly and also it will take off the unnecessary product. In the end you can use a brow gel to set everything in place, and lock everything. I do do not use a brow gel, my brow hair is not that long that it will move and look messy and wonky.  However using a gel really separates the hair, and makes sure that they don’t move.Or you can spray some hair setting spray on the spoolie brush and comb your brow hair and set them how you want. I just don’t feel the need to do that.


Step #4

Highlighting the brow bone is just as important as filling the brows. If you do fill and shape the brows, make sure to make it stand out more by highlighting the brow bone. It really makes the eyebrows look more groomed and give a very clean look. You can use a hihglighting concealer, a highlighting pencil or pen, a nude eye pencil or a highlighting eyeshadow, whatever works the best for you. It keeps changing for me, depending on the look I am going for.



This is how I fill in my full-on brows.

I hope you found it helpful.

Good Luck !


Zunaira Sulman.

4 thoughts on “How to: Fill in the brows

    1. hey I absolutely forgot to mention the products I use.
      I use “sleek brow stylist” to shape the brows and “Nyx brow cake” to fill in. I will update the blog and add pictures of these products. The more affordable and accessible alternative for Sleek brow stylist is Essence brow pencil. :)

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