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How to fill in Eyebrows with Pencil

How to fill in Eyebrows with Pencil

I have done one of the Brow Blog post before on my blog, but I mentioned 3 different products in it, to get a full on brow look, but in this blog post, I will be talking about how to fill in eyebrows with pencil , just one pencil. You do not have to buy multiple products to achieve really glamorous brows, you can use just one product and achieve your desired look. However, there is a technique that goes in to it, because using a pencil to fill in the eyebrows can get a little too over-drawn and drag level. If you like over drawn eyebrows, go for it, your brows, do whatever you want. In this blog I will be talking about my preferred way of filling in the brows without making them look too drawn on.

Step #1

Now when you are using a pencil, always make sure to sharpen it before you use it, or if you are using a retractable one, make sure you go with the one with the thin end. Take any brow pencil of your choice, I used the Essence brow pencil, and that is THE MOST affordable brow pencil available in the market. It is better to use a product that comes with a spoolie brush, or any brow brush for that matter. A spoolie brush is a must-have when it comes to achieving really glamorous brows. Anyway, Draw a line following the natural shape of your brows, or the shape of your choice, and make sure to keep the line thin.


Step #2

I mentioned this technique in my previous blog post about brows as well. Do not draw a line from the very starting point of your brows. Leave about a centimeter and then start with a blur line and follow the natural arch of your brow or the shape of your choice.


Step #3

Break the lines you had drawn with the spoolie. Then use a very light hand, and mimic your hair like strokes. As if you are creating little realistic hair in your brows, fill in all the sparse areas, and make sure you don’t over draw. Just enough to make your brows look fuller but not drawn on.


Step #4

To really make the brows pop, highlight the browbone. Make sure if you are going with a more subtle makeup to keep the highlight more natural looking. Since I was going all out with my eye makeup, I had to highlight the browbone accordingly.


So, you saw how by using just one product you can achieve super glamorous brow look. It’s just about working with what you have got. And making the best out of it.


I hope you find this post helpful.

Good Luck!


Zunaira Sulman.

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