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How to deal with oily skin

How to deal with oily skin

I know it can be very difficult to deal with oily skin in warmer months. While spring is here and summer is approaching really fast, the sebum gland are going to be in action with full force. I have combination skin and I still find it so annoying to keep up with all the shininess and oiliness on the face. It is so annoying to have your face look like an oily mess. I have found few ways to keep my face and especially makeup looking fresh and shine-free in the warmer months. And I am about to share those tips with you all in this blog,

Oil-free Moisturizer

When your skin is dehydrated it produces more and more oil. Yes, an oily skin can also be dehydrated. It is so so important to keep your skin hydrated and moisturized no matter what skin type you have. If your skin is moisturized and has a normal pH level, it will not produce excessive oil. Make sure you use an oil-free moisturizer. I love the Neutrogena oil-free moisturizer. It mattifies your face just enough to make it look shine-free but still keeps it glowing, while hydrating it so your oil producing glands do not produce excessive oil.

oil free

Wearing SPF

Wearing SPF really helps in reducing the oil production on your face. The sun rays multiplies the level of oil production and make your skin so much more prone to break outs and shininess. However I think too much layering does not work that great for a lot of people with oily skin either. I would suggest to use a moisturizer and makeup products with SPF already in them. Like the neutrogena moisturizer I mentioned earlier comes with SPF so you cut on one layer of liquidy product.


Blotting sheet

Blotting sheets are your best friend. They are quick, compact and easy to use. I always bring blotting paper with me everywhere I go. Whenever you notice any oiliness, just dab it off with a blotting sheet and it will not ruin your makeup and keep your face looking fresh.

blotting paper

Powder Compact

If you have very very veryyy oily skin, keep a powder compact with you. So after you blot off all the excessive oil from your face, set everything with a powder and it will look fresh and shine-free instantly. Blotting sheets and a powder compact is a must for anyone with really oily skin.

setting powder

Switch to Powder Foundation or a Matte Foundation

To make sure your face looks shine-free for longer, make sure you use a powder foundation. Because the powder will really absorb all the oil and save you from looking like a disco ball. If the coverage of a powder foundation is not enough for you try and use a mattifying foundation.

maybelline mineral powder foundation

Primer for Special Occasions

For weddings or special occasions when you can not wear spf and can’t afford to retouch your makeup and you are going to be exposed to harsh lighting and stuff like that, use a matiffying primer. A primer is the easiest way to go when it comes to keeping your skin oil-free for a longer period of time. It really creates a shield in between your skin and controls the oil production. I do not use primers because at the end of the day all you are really doing is clogging your pores and creating a guard on your skin in between your makeup. But for special occasions I don’t think there is any harm in that. That last thing you want on your special day is to look like a hot mess.


I hope you find these tips helpful.

Good Luck!


Zunaira Sulman.

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