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How to: Creaseless Concealer under the eyes

How to: Creaseless Concealer under the eyes

One of the most asked question. Firstly it is challenging enough to properly conceal the under-eye darkness, the bags, and the shadows, and then to top it off, the creasing of the concealer? It just makes everything looks a million times worse than it actually is. Creasing of the concealer makes your under-eye area look worse than it actually is, it makes you look old, it exaggerates the wrinkles and fine lines by 100x , it breaks down the make up, makes your makeup look super cakey and unflattering and over all it just ruins your look. In this blog post I will be sharing how I like to apply my under eye concealer and stop it from creasing and settling in to the lines, as the title of this blog post says ” How to: Creaseless concealer under the eyes “.

Eye cream:

Keeping the under eye area moisturized is very important. It is about having a good canvas to work on. When your under eye area is well moisturized, there will be so much less creasing. And just a side note, your face moisturizer does not count as an eye cream. Anyway, make sure you use a nice hydrating under eye cream 10 to 15 minutes before you apply any makeup.


I would suggest to totally stay away from concealers which are very drying and cakey and stick to the concealers which are more on the creamy-side. I do not want any product that dries out my under eye area to cover it, if that makes any sense. My personal favorite concealer is Maybelline Instant Age rewind concealer, I have talked about it plenty of times on my blog and any concealer that has a more creamy consistency would work the best, when you are trying to keep your under eye concealer creaseless.



It is all about the right application, once you get the right concealer. Now it is very important that you don’t cake up the makeup products on your face. The thicker the product application the more creasing will happen. So to avoid creasing and product break down, try and keep the layers very thin. I like to apply my foundation all over my face, including my eye area and after that I use a makeup sponge to apply concealer. A lot of the times women think that they have used a right concealer and it isn’t looking the same way, when the makeup artist does their makeup. Well because, it is not just about the product, it is about the technique. When you use a makeup sponge, you are less likely to cake up on products. The layers will be very thin but the coverage will be maximum. So, after applying the concealer, immediately set it with the powder. One eye, at a time, or use a patting motion blend the concealer again before setting it with the powder. You will see the flawless application and it will stay looking the same for longer.

beauty powderrimmel

I hope you find this post helpful.

Good Luck!


Zunaira Sulman.

2 thoughts on “How to: Creaseless Concealer under the eyes

  1. I wanted to ask u about eye concealer…will definitely keep ur recommendation in mind.. Thanks for the blog…could u do a video on concealing dark circles

    1. Glad you find it useful :) I will probably make videos if there are enough people on my page, right now, still on beginning stages :) Let’s see how it goes, but I can definitely consider making videos :)

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