how to perfect winged eyeliner

How to apply perfect winged eyeliner

How to apply perfect winged eyeliner:

This has to be my most asked question. I get a lot of compliments on my perfectly winged eyeliner. Now after so many years of wearing eyeliner, I have got a lot of control over my eyeliner application and also I have become more confident in applying my Eyeliner.Β  One thing about winged eyeliner that a lot of people don’t realize is, it looks different on everybody, because we have different eye shapes. How it looks on someone’s eyes is not necessarily how it will look on yours. You have to find the thickness and length of the wing that suits your eyes and compliments your face shape. For example if you have really hooded eyes, a thick eyeliner is not going to suit your face, in fact it will make your eyes look more hooded. So stick with the thickness and length of the wing that you find looks the best on your face. Try out different looks, start from really thin winged out line and keep thickening it and take picture of every single look. And by the end compare all the pictures and you will see which one looks the best on your eyes and face shape. I do not recommend you to follow other rules. It’s about what pleases you the most, and makes you feel the most confident.Β  Because with me I should stick to small wing, but I love the way elongated wing looks on my eyes and face. So there are no such hard and fast rules you should be following. That’s my first tip. Find the eyeliner thickness, shape and length that makes you feel the most confident. Compare all the picture, see it in the mirror, take your time. And then stick to it.

Start with tiny little lines:

Don’t ever try to do your winged eyeliner in one-go. You are mostly likely to mess it up and ruin your makeup. You remember you did “join the dots” in nursery. Yes ! keep that rule in mind. Draw little line, take your time and keep drawing little lines until the end of your eye. And then, almost from your lower lash line draw a line, like it shows in a second step, in the picture, to create wing, after that draw almost a triangle at the outer end of you eye to creat a wing, imagine drawing a slide and connect the two line together, and lastly just fill it in. And you will have a perfectly winged eyeliner. This is the simplest way and technique to do it.

winged eyeliner

Use a Paper Tape:

Why I suggest paper tape is, because it is way less adhesive and less harsh to your skin as compare to other kind of tapes. NEVER EVER apply take directly to your skin. Apply it on the back of your hand first, take off the most of adhesive from the tape so it will not cling on your skin and when you peel it off, it won’t harm your skin and cause premature wrinkles. And when you peel off the tape you will have crisp and perfect winged eyeliner.

eyeliner 1 eyeliner 3 eyeliner2

Spoon Trick:

Have you ever noticed your spoon has perfect curve and cut for your winged eyeliner. Be careful, don’t hurt yourself for just applying a perfect winged eyeliner HAHA. It is not something harsh or harmful, but still I wanted to add that as a disclaimer in my blog post (lol). Anyway. Below is the picture that explains how to use spoon to get a perfect winged eyeliner. It is tricky to explain but when you look at the picture, you will get it for sure. Use the doomed and curved end of your spoon to get a perfectly curved wing and the straight side to get a perfect line.

spoon eyeliner

Cottonswab/Q-tip and Makeup remover Trick:

You will mess up. And it is okay, every girl messes up her winged eyeliner before she gets it right. Now what you can do is, dip your cotton-swab or Q tip in to makeup-remover and wipe of the imperfections of the wing to make your lines crisp and perfect. Like you never messed it up. This is the easiest way to get your lines clean and your eyeliner to look sharp and perfect.

eyeliner trick eyeliner trickk

Concealer trick:

Quickest way to fix your messed up winged eyeliner is using a concealer. Apply concealer on a brush or on a triangular makeup sponge. And run it underneath the wing to make it more sharp and crisp. It not only perfects your wing but also it adds the brightening effect that totally makes your winged eyeliner pop and look extra fabulous.

concealer trick


Find the method that works the best for you:

There are so many kind of eyeliners and so many formulas that work differently. Find the one that works best for u, I prefer gel eyeliner and liquid eyeliner over it. To make it more statement. But I don’t have that much time to spend on my eyeliner . So, I don’t do that anymore, but that is my favorite technique to get really amazing winged eyeliner. Try out all these methods and stick to the one that works the best for you.

Rest your hand on your face:

My hands are really shaky, and shaky hands mean messed up eyeliner. Have you ever noticed that if you put your hands and arm straight out in the air, it gets shaky and it shivers a little bit. I don’t know how to explain it but you will get the point. Always rest your hand on your face and work with finger tips. This way you are going to have so much control, precision and accuracy. It does not sound so effective, but for me, I can notttttt get my eyeliner right if I don’t rest my hand on my face. We are getting all scientific here for wined eyeliner HAHA. Just the rule of gravity(lol). Anyway it does make a world of a difference.

These are all my tips and tricks to make you life easy with winged eyeliner. And let me tell you, no matter how skillful you are, even if you are a professional makeup artist, winged eyeliner does get messed up sometimes. And it is okay. Love that winged out eyeliner gotta work for it. (lol)

Don’t forget to give your feedback and suggestions for future blog posts.

Good Luck!


Zunaira Sulman.

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