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How I remove my makeup

How I remove my makeup:

One of the best feelings in this world is when you take your makeup off after a longgggggg day or night, whatever. The feeling of fresh and clean skin is so relaxing and soothing. As much as I love putting on makeup, when I have to wear it for a long time, it just annoys me. I have a limit, after that I just want all that makeup off of my face and I want my skin to breathe and relax.I don’t think I am the only one who feels that way. There are so many ways to remove your makeup. I am sharing what I do in this blog. Because honestly I do not have time to use cleansing milks, lotions and massage my makeup off when I come back home. I have a toddler to attend to, okay! I can not spend that much time on removing my make up. If you have time , seriously DO NOT use wipes. That is not the best option. I might share the actual proper procedure in another blog, but for now I am sharing what I do to remove my makeup,

Super Quick and not so gentle way:

I am absolutely aware that using wipes is not the most gentle way to remove your makeup. It is harsh on your skin, it is damaging to your skin, it causes wrinkles and bla bla bla. I know that. But it is the quickest one. There are times when I am soooo tired, well most of the times. Or I just do not have time to properly remove my makeup. I just wipe it off. I don’t care how harsh that is to my skin. I just want it off. However, I make sure I am not pulling, tugging and rubbing too much on my face and special in the eye area. Eye area is the most delicate part on our face. And by rubbing and pulling that skin you are just encouraging premature wrinkles. And if you have sensitive skin you are just making it super unhappy. To get the most use out of one wipe and to be as gentle as possible while using a wipe, I make sure I use one side of the wipe to melt of the makeup and the other side to remove it. I put a wipe on my face, and press gently on my eyes. And wait for about 15-20 seconds. The make up melts off a bit and It is easier to take it off. After I wipe my makeup off gently with one side, I use half of the other side to gently rub off rest of the makeup from half side of my face and then repeat the same process on the other side. Now by using 1 wipe I get majority of my makeup off. If I had too much makeup on that day I would go for another wipe and repeat. But one wipe does work well if you follow the directions I shared. Also when you are wearing very light and natural kind of makeup look. I just use wipes. I love Bebe young care wipes. They are not drying at all, and I find them to be wetter and softer than most of the wipes I have used. Try and avoid as much damage as you can that’s the only tip I can give while using a wipe. They are not the best way to remove your makeup as I said before, but you gotta do what you gotta do.


Eye Makeup:

Oily eye-makeup removers are not everyone’s choice. A LOT of people in fact most of them do not like oily eye makeup removers. I on the contrary do not mind them. When I do have some extra time and energy to spare and take my makeup off properly. I try and use a separate eye makeup remover, if I have really heavy makeup on my eyes. I actually use a waterproof mascara over a regular non-water proof mascara. So It is important to melt it off before wiping or rubbing it. Or else it will break your lashes and might also cause something like eye cyst if the opened pore got infected with bacteria. So, be very gentle while removing your eye makeup. I use Sephora waterproof eye makeup remover to wipe off my eye makeup. It is stingy. If it gets in your eye it is stingy. So just be gentle, melt and wipe the makeup rather than rubbing. I like to soak a cotton round with it and put it over my eyes(closed obviously). And Let it sit there for about 20 seconds. And than I wipe it off. It comes right off without having to rub my eyes. Sephora makeup remover is a very interesting formula. It has this clear liquid and blue liquid, you have to shake it well before you use it. It will leave a oily residue afterwards, which brings me to the next point,



Face Makeup:

I use Garnier micellar water to remove my face makeup and lip products.It also takes off the leftover residue of Sephora oily makeup remover. I use soaked cotton rounds, and gently wipes of the makeup. Nothing too interesting. It is not like that garnier micellar water doesn’t take off the eye makeup. It does the job, but I prefer something a little more oily to remove my eye makeup. I used to use bioderma, which is this famous cleansing water, but now where I live, I haven’t seen it anywhere, So, I tried out garnier micellar water and honestly there’s noooo drastic change in these two AT ALL. I have talked about both of these cleansing waters before in my blog, in “what I bough over the weekend” post. When I repurchased garnier micellar water. If I repurchased it, definitely I think it works great. It is super gentle on skin. Keep that in mind when I am too tired to take my makeup off or I do not have time, I just use a wipe. This whole makeup removing shebang I do when I have time and energy, which most of the times I don’t have (lol). The only thing I keep in mind whatever I use to take my makeup off is to be gentle and use a light hand. And I HAVE TO rinse my face off with water and wash it with a face wash. I can not live without doing that. It does not satisfy my soul if I rinse my face off with water. I know that sounds dramatic but that’s what it is, no matter how tired, almost dead I am, I will rinse my face with water.

IMG_7775 IMG_7774

IMG_7773IMG_7772IMG_7771 Now you can go-ahead and soak a cotton bud or Q-tip into your cleansing water and clean real close to your lashline, I use a kohl pencil too, which always leaves a residue and I am not bothered about it at all. But you can definitely take that off with the help of Q-Tip. Not a big deal for me.

I hope this blog post was somewhat informative and interesting to read.

Good Luck !


Zunaira Sulman.

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