Healthy Low Calorie Sweet Snacks

Healthy Low Calorie Sweet Snacks

In this blog I am about to share Healthy Low Calorie Sweet Snacks recipes, for your sweet fix. We all need a little treat every now and then. The best thing about these recipes is they satisfy your sweet craving very well, yet they are healthy,filling, and they don’t mess with your fitness goals. Instead keep you motivated,because you are not depriving yourself, hence, you can keep up with your fitness goals. Following are my favorite recipes.

Chocolate dipped Fruits:

banana chocolateb


chocolates strawberry

What I do is, I make these in batches and store them in freezer. And whenever I crave it,it’s ready. So i don’t go for quick fixes.All you need is;

- Bananas, strawberries, whatever you like,

- Dark or Milk Chocolate,

- Ice-cream sticks,

Temper the chocolate in microwave oven. Which means, Put it in oven for 30 secs, stir, and keep repeating until you get very small chunks of chocolate, then put it aside, and hot chocolate with melt rest of the chunks. After they are all melted. Wait for a LITTLE while for chocolate to cool down,just a bit. before it hardens.

Put half a banana *peeled* on ice-cream stick and dip it in chocolate. After that put it on a tray lined with grease paper. And put it in freezer. Until the chocolate is totally harden.

You can always sprinkle some shredded almonds or coconut.  or anything of your choice.


Rice crispy cake and honey:

This is the easiest and quickest snack ever. Put a thin layer of honey on top of  a rice crispy and THAT’S IT !



You can always opt peanut butter, apple sauce or whatever you like. A very thin layer. It’s perfect as a healthy quick fix. Rather than a big bag of cookies.


Lemon Drizzled Sweet Potato:

-Sweet Potato


Boil Sweet potato until it’s totally cooked. You can insert a skewer and check if its completely cooked or not. After that peel off the  skin and drizzle some lemon. And there you have it.


sp l

Enjoy !!

I hope you find this post helpful.

Good Luck!


Zunaira Sulman.

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