How to: Hair Care !! 5 steps to healthier & shinier hair.

How To :

Hair care !

In this blog I’m gonna take you through 5 steps to achieve healthy & lushes locks,

- Eat healthy.
- Invest in a good hair conditioner/mask.
- A natural bristle brush or wet brush or tangle teezer.
- Hair Oil.
- Avoid heat damage,

Eating healthy :

Eating healthy is in general a key to get beautiful skin, hair and body. Eating good fats, amino acid, proteins can do wonders for your hair. Eat nuts, eggs, fish and in general have a good healthy diet,

Invest in a good hair conditioner/mask :

A lot of people don’t use conditioners, or if they do they’re not fully aware of it’s importance. Hair conditioner balances the moisture in your hair that shampooing stripped away. And it helps in avoiding split-ends. Because the tips of the hair are dry & brittle and using a good conditioner/mask will make them shinny & healthy.

A natural bristle brush/wet brush/tangle teezer :

Most of the hair damage happens when we brush through our wet hair, roughly. Take your time to brush through the hair. Pulling and tugging your hair will strip them, & you’ll make them rough, frizzy and it will cause split-ends. So take little chunks of hair & brush the knots from tips to roots. NOT roots to tips.
Natural bristle brush makes your hair shinier & it’s a lot softer & bendable, so it does not pull on your hair.
whereas tangle teezer & wet brush are also just as amazing. Get one that is affordable for you.

Hair Oil :

A luke warm hair massage before taking a shower, for about couple of hours is another important thing, that helps your hair to get healthy drastically. It’ll nourish your scalp resulting in stronger & longer hair & moisturize your hair.

Avoid heat damage :

We all love perfectly straightened/curly hair, or big voluminous blow dry, but the amount of damage it causes to hair is higher than all the other aspects. So avoid heat damage as much as you can. And always use a heat protectant before apply any heat to your hair.

Additional tips :

- Invest in a good shampoo.
- Try to shampoo your hair twice, max thrice a week.
- Avoid ponytails with iron snap.
- Tie them up in a bun or in a lose braid when you sleep.
-Β  Avoid sun.
- Apply home-made hair mask once a week, or once every other week.

I hope you find these tips were helpful.
Good Luck !

Zunaira Sulman.

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