At this point you guys know I live for a good face mask. It’s one of the key components of my me-time shenanigans, plus let’s be honest I’m reaching a point where Face masking is not just a fun activity but actually a need (lol). 

When it comes to face masks, GlamGlow gets so much love, and for good reason. It’s a high-end brand so obviously the prices are high too, but if you narrow it down to price per use, honestly it’s pretty justified, considering these days even the cheap face masks are so overly priced.

I already love Glamglow Youthmud, super clearing mud and thirstymud mask, so I didn’t hesitant to try out another product from this brand. Hence, why I bought the big jar straight away instead of the tiny trial size ones.

Product Claims

GRAVITYMUD™ is an Out of This World Innovative Peel Off Mud treatment that instantly leaves skin feeling firmer and more lifted. Mega-Targeted ingredients transform from White to Brilliant Chrome, delivering toned, sexy contours. Powered by TEAOXI™ Marshmallow + Licorice Leaf.


It has a very coconuty tropical scent. It comes with a mini brush, which is so helpful and spreads and applies the product so easily.

You feel a slight tingling sensation as it dries. I have heard few people say it’s super tingling, but for me honestly it was absolutely fine.

As it dries you feel the tightness, but quite honestly every mud masks or peel off mask does that, at least in my experience, and I have used A LOT of face masks.

This is the best peel off mask you’ll ever use. It comes off so easily and is super gentle. I have tried some really rough peel off masks and honestly I’d never recommend those. It peels off like a dream, if you follow me on Instagram, I shared the full face peel off, which was so satisfying.

Not that it has anything to do with the results of the product, but as it dries it turns into silvery chrome from pearly white, and it looks sooo cool. I’ve two kids and they loved the robot face, and low key I loved it too.



Once I peeled it off, the skin looked and felt very fresh, firm ? not really tbh! The pores were minimized for sure, especially around the nose and cheeks. There was a visible difference in the way my pores looked and over all my skin felt very clean and soft. There was a bit redness on the cheeks but it went away very quickly.

Would I recommend it ?

If you have a special occasion and you want your skin to look extra fine, absolutely yes ! Firming-wise not really. May be after using it over and over again it’ll make a difference, but so far I haven’t noticed anything firming-wise. I will say this, it made my skin look very youthful and fresh, pores very minimized and there was almost this blurring effect on my skin.

Hope you find this post helpful.


Zunaira Sulman.


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