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Garnier Goodness

Garnier Goodness

Garnier is one of those brands which is accessible everywhere, and has affordable but amazing products. These days there’re so many new brands, and so many new products with “this free, that free, good for you, bla bla bla yada yada yada slogans” at some point it almost feels like whatever you are using is bad for you. I get the need to spread the awareness and understanding for what’s good for your body, hair and whatever but at the same time I also feel like, it’s just too extreme. Balance people. Basic is not bad. You don’t need to spend a hell lot of money to take care of yourself. Fit everything in to your budget. In this blog post I’ll be sharing my favorite budget friendly top 10 Garnier Products. Which I have used over and over again, and still repurchase.



Garnier Shampoos

I have pretty much used all the shampoos from garnier fructis line, and I like them all. But this hair strengthening one is my favorite. It says repair one year of damage in a wash, which is not true. That statement is hilarious tbh. But in general I love it. I have chemically treated hair and I don’t use any special shampoo, I have never had problem with my hair looking brassy or anything. Works good! I’m not sure how it would work on totally blonde hair, but for highlights it works fine.



Garnier Body Intensive 7 days Ultra-replenishing lotion

It says Hydration felt up to 7 days. Within 7 days I already reuse it before 7 days. So, idk about that. I love to take warm showers at the end of the day, let’s just say really hot showers. I know how bad they are, but at the end of the day it really helps me relax and relieves my muscles and helps me fall asleep. So I do it knowing it’s not good, but because of that my skin tends to get so damn dry that there’s no way I can live without moisturizing it. I’d have snake skin if I didn’t use a good body lotion. I really really REALLY like this one. Sinks in to skin pretty face, doesn’t feel overly greasy and sticky, which I hate about body lotions and butters. It’s definitely worth trying.

body care

body care

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water

I’ve already talked about garnier micellar water on my blog quite a few times, this is what I use to remove my face makeup. It’s a dupe for bioderma which costs a pretty penny. It’s so gentle on the skin, takes off all the makeup, it’s All in 1 product. Removes all the makeup, and smoothens the skin. Plus you don’t even need to wash your face afterwards, well I do it anyway, because there’s no way I’m not rinsing my face with water after removing makeup.

garnier micellar

Garnier Face Wash

I’ll be mentioning 2 of these. I’ve actually ran out of one of them, but it helps to keep skin clear, get’s rid of acne and also prevents break outs. It’s not super drying like most face wash with salicylic acid are, Garnier Skin Naturals Pure Active Deep pore unclogging wash. It’s a blueish gel consistency. I really really like that face wash and also Garnier Pure Active Fruit Energy Daily Energizing Gel Wash, it is great for oily and imperfect skin. Both of these products leave a little bit of residue.

face wash


Garnier Hair Mask/Conditioner

Okay this is one of my MOST favorite products. This thing makes your hair soooooo silky and soft it’s unreal and it’s “paraben free”. It has chamomile and honey extracts and honestly it does some sort of magic and makes your hair super soft.

hari care

Garnier BB cream

Garnier BB cream is such a good affordable option, especially for people with dry skin. I have combination skin I still love it. It evens out the complexion, super light weight and looks very natural. However if you have super oily skin, it wouldn’t last for long.But for indoors and if you’re gonna wear makeup for a short amount of time, works absolutely great.

bb cream

Garnier Pimple Control Pen

We all gets break outs every now and then, and with me, if I don’t have anything to apply on it, I practically butcher that skin off of my face, which is absolutely horrible and I totally know that. It just ruins your skin and causes more break outs. So I have to have something to apply when I see an uninvited guest showing up on my face. That way I get peace of mind. This Pimple Control Pen is great for localized treatment and is affordable too. I need to repurchase it though. It’s as a aqua-ish cream consistency and you apply it over the pimple and just leave it. It dries it out and gets rid of it.

Garnier Pure Extra-Strong Pimple Control Pen

Garnier Eye Makeup Removers

I have a thing for makeup removers. I think anyone who applies makeup needs to buy a makeup remover first and then makeup products. Taking my makeup off properly is very important to me, because if you don’t wanna remove it right, don’t put it in the first place. Well, that’s just me. Of course there’re time when I just don’t have any energy left, but even then I use a wipe and actually wash my face afterward. Well, the point is I love makeup removers. And Garnier makes THE BEST makeup removers. I prefer them over more expensive ones. These two eye makeup removers are EVERYTHING. A lot of people don’t like makeup removers that leave oily residue. Well good for you, these two don’t leave any residue, they’re SUPER gentle, literally you don’t need to pull or rub around your eye area with these, they even get rid of super stubborn mascara. Plus they are SUPER inexpensive.

eye makeup remover

eye makeup remover

I hope you find this post helpful. If you would want more posts like this in future, do let me know in the comments below, my Instagram or Facebook page @zunairasulman.

Good Luck!


Zunaira Sulman.


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