How to: Fuller Lips – DIY Lip Scrub and Lip Plumper

How to: Fuller Lips

In this blog I’m about to share with you suuuuuper easy ways to plump up your pout, and make your lips look fuller without any fancy tools. Lip care is just as important as your skin care. In fact as the time passes and you grow old your lips start to shrink, and if you are already careless about your lip care they are gonna shrink even more. So let’s talk about the feature on our face that we just cover with lippies. But if your lips are not plumped and taken care of even the lippies are not gonna look as good as they should. Following are the few easy at-home ways to help you take care of your lips,


Tip # 1

Drink a lot, alot of water. It is not just important for your body and skin but also for your lips. The ultimate reason your lips get dry and chapped easy is because they are not hydrated enough. So drink a lot of water not to keep your body and skin hydrated but also your lips.

Tip # 2

Exfoliate. I am gonna share an easy DIY lip scrub at the end of this blog. Or if you want to buy one then go ahead, get a lip scrub and expoliate your lips. It works the same for your lips that face scrub does for your skin. However having a lip scrub is important because your lips are wayyyyyy more delicate than you skin.Take a pinch of lip scrub and using your fingers rub, rub, rub it gently on your lips, to take off all the dry chapped skin and also it encourages the blood flow in the lips, resulting in plump and fuller lips.

Tip # 3

Make it part of your daily routine. How ?

You brush your teeth every single day. After you are done brushing your teeth, use the same brush to exfoliate your lips. It won’t only get rid of dryness but also it is gonna encourage the blood flow in your lips everyday. And doing this process everyday will help you to maintain that.

Tip # 4

Use lip balm to keep your lips hydrated and kissable. Using a lip balm is just as important as using a moisturizer. Drinking water and also hydrating your lips will double up the action. And you will get natural plump.

Tip # 5

Make up is literally like painting your face. So know your tricks, just by using right products in a certain way you are gonna get the illusion of fuller lips,

Trick # 1: Use a lip liner. It not only makes your lipstick last longer but also it gives illusion of plumped lips.

Trick # 2: Highlight your cupid’s bow, the same highlighter you use for your cheekbones, also apply it lightly on your cupid’s bow.

Trick # 3:  Apply a nude lipstick or a dash of concealer in the middle of your lower lip,before applying lipstick. It will give your lips more dimension and rounder and fuller look.

Trick # 4: After doing all these steps, instead of applying lipgloss all over your lips, just apply it in the middle. To enhance the look of fuller and plumper lips.

Trick #5: Use a commercial lip plumper. however, I’m gonna share an all natural DIY lip plumper in this blog.


- Olive oil

- Brown Sugar

Take a tsp of brown sugar and mix it with quarter to full tsp of olive oil.

Yeah ! that’s it !! your DIY all natural lip scrub is ready.

Brown-Sugar o



- cinnamon

- vaseline

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Apply vaseline on your lips and rub a little cinnamon on top of it. It will sting your lips just a bit and plump them up. It’s just like eating spicy food.

Also you can only rub a lemon,but that will sting a lot of you have even a tiniest cut in your lips.


Also Adding a drop of peppermint oil to any lipgloss will instantly change it into lip plumping lipgloss.



                             Enjoy your Fuller Kissable Lips !


I hope you find this post helpful. *How to: Fuller Lips – DIY Lip Scrub and Lip Plumper*

Good Luck!


Zunaira Sulman.

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