minimal makeup

Fresh Face Minimal Makeup look

Fresh Face Minimal Makeup look

Lately I have been so busy, it’s kinda insane. 5 minutes is all I can afford to get ready and head out the door. I have been loving a fresh face minimal makeup look lately. Firstly it’s super convenient, and secondly I absolutely love it. I have been obsessed with this look from the beginning of this month, and for the most part this is all I’m wearing whenever I wear makeup. I recently shared a review on “Lancome Miracle Cushion” and quite a few liked the very minimal, fresh face makeup look I had on, in those pictures. I received some massages asking me how I achieved that look, and honestly it is SUPER simple !

minimal makeup

minimal makeup

Dewy Sheer-Medium Coverage foundation

When you’re going with fresh face makeup look, you can either choose to go with flawless skin or second skin like look(your skin but better). I like to use Lancome Miracle cushion to even out my complexion. Any BB cream or tinted moisturizer would work great. It adds a very subtle glow, and makes the skin look radiant.

minimal makeup

Soft Brows

I love me a dramatic carved out brow look, but when you’re going for a fresh face, soft brows are a better option in my opinion. I use Sephora Brow pencil to fill/shape the brows and then set it with Maybelline brow drama, brow gel.



Subtle contour

Well contour is something I just don’t like to skip, whether I’m wearing minimal makeup or a drag queen level makeup. However I do make it a little softer. I use Sleek Contour and highlight duo, just the contour shade. And Β I like to swipe the same brush in the crease of my eyes to create a little depth.



Nothing makes you look more fresh and radiant than pink cheeks. I like to use reddish peach blush or light pink blush when I’m going for a fresh face makeup. So I switch in between Sleek Rose Gold blush or Guylond Soft pink blush.

minimal makeup



I don’t go over board with highlight and sometimes I just skip it, but highlighting underneath the brow-bone and inner corners of the eyes makes such a huge difference. The balm mary lou manizer has been my go-to highlight product from a long time now.



It’s no secret that I’m obsessed with MAC kinda sexy and that’s all I have been wearing for the most part, from past few months. It’s a perfect pinky beige nude for my skin tone. You can definitely go with a more pink and moisturizing option. A tinted lip balm or a moisturizing lipstick.

mac matte lipsticks must have

mac kinda sexy

Minimal Mascara Application

When I’m going for a very fresh and minimal makeup look I don’t like to put coats and coats of mascara. Keep it minimal for more realistic look.

minimal makeup

In five minutes you’ll look so much more awake and fresh. Plus if you’re someone who feels overdone with makeup, this is a perfect makeup look for you.

minimal makeup

I wake up 7 in the morning. It’s kinda hard to look fresh, when you’re really not a morning person(lol) !minimal makeup

minimal makeup

minimal makeup

minimal makeup

I hope you find this post helpful.

Good Luck!

Zunaira Sulman.

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