Fresh and Youthful

Fresh and Youthful

Makeup Tips

There’s no denying that knowing good makeup techniques is like having super powers. You can create so many different looks, it’s really a portrayal of your creativity. I love being creative. I enjoy creating different looks and trying out different techniques. Just how certain techniques make you look older and sultry, there’re others that make you look fresh and youthful, and today’s post is all about those techniques,

  • Keep it MINIMAL
  • Keep it GLOWING
  • Keep it LIGHT WEIGHT
  • Keep it BRIGHT
  • Keep it IMPERFECT 

Keep it Minimal

Use the least amount of makeup products. Ditch the eyeshadows, use same products for different purposes. Like a two in one, lip and cheek tint, that enhances your natural lip and cheek color. I love Becca Beach Tint “Guava” or I also like to use my Armani beauty lip magnet “glow”, which is suppose to be used just for lips, I use it as a cheek tint too. You have to create a cohesiveness in your look that enhances your natural beauty. Use your bronzer to lightly define the crease. Keep the products minimal and create a cohesiveness.

Keep it Glowing

Focus on the skin, but instead of covering your whole face with foundation and concealer, just even out your skin tone. Spot conceal and let your skin shine through. Use a buttery pearlescent finish highlight, instead of chunky glittery highlighter. And if you do opt for glittery highlight make sure the glitter particles are very fine. Don’t over powder your skin, and always use a finishing spray or setting spray to make all the products melt into the skin and create as seamless effect as possible.

Keep it Light weight

Do not pile up product. Start with really thin layers and build your way up where needed. Keeping your makeup light weight is key for this look.

Keep it Bright

Dark shades tend to make you look more mature, just by opting for the natural but brighter colors for your skintone, you can easily achieve a fresh and youthful look. Apply a nude eye pencil on the waterline, to make your eyes appear brighter and more awake. Conceal any darkness under the eyes and even out your skintone.

Keep it Imperfect

Don’t cut that arch of your brows. Fill in any sparse areas, but do not go for that Instagram brow for this look. Keep them imperfect, full and fluffy. Let little imperfections on your skin shine through, don’t cover them all.

These’re all the techniques I use when I’m going for a fresh and youthful look.Hope you find these techniques, tips and tricks helpful.


Zunaira Sulman.


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