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Foundations for Acne Prone Skin + Tips and Trick

Foundations for Acne Prone Skin + Tips and Trick

Acne prone skin is really hard to deal with. As much as you want to use makeup and cover it all up, firstly it’s hard to find products thatΒ work great for acne prone skin, especially foundations, and secondly too much coverage tends to make your acne worse. In this blog I will be sharing few amazing foundations for acne prone skin, that have a very buildiable coverage, does a great job at covering the acne and also few tips and trick to make your foundation look more flawless and non-cakey.

Tips and Tricks

  • Beauty blender is your best friend or makeup sponges. When you have acne prone skin, and your skin needs more coverage and more product on your face to cover it all up properly, it is best to use a sponge to apply your foundation. That way you have a lot of control over the coverage and your foundation will not look cakey.
  • Layer up. Build the layers. Don’t apply too much product at once. As I mentioned, using a sponge to apply foundation, and then layering it up will make sure that the foundation is applied to the skin in very very thin layers giving the maximum coverage and can be layered up without looking cakey.
  • Opt for a matte foundation. Stay away from dewy, glowy and luminous foundations. A dewy look only emphasizes the trouble areas. Make sure you use a shine-free, matte foundation. It will not bring attention to the imperfections.
  • Go for liquid foundations, because they are light-weight, and don’t over exaggerates acne. However if you have really really severe acne, you can opt for more moussey and solid foundations.

Foundation Recommendations

Revlon ColorStay

Revlon ColorStay was my holy grail foundation once upon a time. But then I realized I don’t need that much coverage. And my preferences changed, I started to like more sheer coverage products. However, it is an absolute amazing foundation for people with acne prone skin. It is so buildable. It really STAYS. It is long lasting and that’s what you want when you have problematic skin. It is affordable and pretty accessible. And I think it is better than a lot of high end foundations.


Clinique acne solutions foundation

It is a little more expensive than the revlon ColorStay foundation, but this foundation not only covers the imperfections but also treats them. A lot of the times when you use foundation it just makes your acne worse, this foundation by no means helps clear up the skin, even though it claims that, however, it doesn’t make it worse either, and prevents future break out, it is an oil-free foundation, which is great for acne prone skin. This foundation is not for the people who have really really severe acne, it is more for people with mild acne. It is medium coverage and would not work that great for severe acne.


Maybelline Fit me Matte and Poreless Foundation

The original Maybelline Fit me foundations are pretty raved about, but most people with acne-prone skin seems to not like it, because it gives a healthy look to the skin, and does get a little shiny as it warms up,which is absolutely fine if you have non-problematic skin, but when it comes to acne, it just makes it look worse. However the Matte and poreless foundation is great. It has a pretty decent coverage plus it is buildable. It is the type of foundation that looks better as it warms up on your face andΒ  sets with time. It might look a little unnatural and noticeable when you first apply it and does cling to any dry patches that you might have, but that every matte foundation does, give it 10 to 15 minutes it will look fine once it sets on your face. It is a pretty good product for the price. It is affordable and pretty accessible.

fit me

l’oreal infallible 24h matte

Currently I use this foundation when my skin starts to act up. And needs more coverage. However I make sure I moisturize my face 10 to 15 minutes before I apply this foundation. It has a pretty decent coverage. It sets pretty fast so you have to work quickly with this foundation. It has a little thicker consistency than the rest of the foundations I shared, but that makes it a little more full coverage than the rest of the foundations. It is matte and long lasting. But not 24 hrs as they claim. After 4 to 5 hours you start to see the shine, which you can easily blot off.


Kat Von D Foundation

Let me just say that in the beginning, I have not used this foundation. Luckily I never had to use such a full coverage foundation so far in my life. It claims to cover the tattoos. Which is a pretty big deal. It is as full coverage as it can get. A lot of people with really really severe S E V E R E acne seem to love it. Just a recommendation. If you have really problematic skin which needs full coverage and something that would conceal everything, you should check out Kat Von D foundation.


Kryolan stick foundation

This is a more affordable full coverage foundation. I used it when I just started wearing foundation, and figured out it was wayyyy too full coverage and heavy for me. So I stopped using it. I think it conceals the imperfections pretty good, and conceals all the redness and hyper-pigmentation that you might have from the scars that acne leaves. It is full coverage but you can still make it look more natural if you apply and blend it properly. So take your time and blend it well, if you end up using this foundation. And stick foundations tend to last for longer and also they stay matte for longer.


I hope you find this post helpful.

Good Luck!


Zunaira Sulman.

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