How to find a perfect foundation?

How to find a perfect foundation ?

Foundation is the base of the whole face. It can totally make or break the look. Having a perfect foundation changes the way your makeup looks drastically. Also nobody wants to have a cake face or patchy foundation. It just looks bad and a lot of the times, emphasizes the imperfections even more. Also not having the right shade makes things worse. In this blog I’m gonna cover all the aspects, that you need to keep in mind to find a perfect foundation for yourself.


Know Your Skin type:

It is very very important to know you skin type. If you have oily skin avoid the foundations which claim to give you glow and dewy finish. If you have dry skin avoid oil controlling and matte foundations, And if you have combination skin, it makes it a little more tricky for you to find one that is perfect for you. However the plus side is that you are more likely to find perfect foundation for you easily, and powdering or blotting your Tzone will do the trick for you.Β  If you have dry patchy skin go for foundations that offer healthy glow and dewy youthful look. If you have oily skin go for matte and oil controlling foundations.


Warm Tone, Cool Tone,Neutral ?

Testify in which category you fall. Your skin is warm toned? cool toned? or neutral olive tone ? now there are plenty of ways to check you skin tone. The easiest and the fasted one is, testing with jewelry, if you find gold jewelry makes your skin look bright and beautiful you are most likely to be warm toned, if you find silver looks the best you are probably cool toned and if both looks the same you are neutral skin toned. Never buy a foundation contradictory to under tones of your skin. Second way of testifying is to see the inside of your wrist and if you have more purple and blue toned veins you are cool toned, if you have green and blue you are warm toned, and if they are green and olive you are neutral. By testifying through these method you will definitely find your skin tone accurately but still if somehow you are unsure, it brings me to another point;


Don’t be hesitant to ask for samples:

Samples are for testing. Don’t be hesitant to ask for a sample size for as many foundations as you like. Go to the counter of the beauty supply store, sephora or whatever and ask them for samples. They will be happy to help you. You will get enough amount of foundation to test on yourself and see which texture or formula you like the most and which one look the most natural on you, also which on stays for longer and gives you the desired coverage.


Buying from a drugstore/superdrug ?

It is very tricky to buy a perfect shade for your skin without even trying it. So the samples you took from sephora or whatever keep them. And when you are buying the foundation from the drugstore/superdrug always compare them. And the one which looks the sam or closest get that one.


Perfect shade?

I believe one should own atleast 2 foundations. One for when they are the tannest and one for when tan totally wears off. Meaning the lightest and the darkest of their skin color. And you can mix them to get perfect shade for you all year long. However you believe in changing foundations on seasonal bases. Always, Always test the foundation on your neck, instead of you face or hands. Because face is usually lighter than rest of you body or darker, and hands are always, always, darker. So the neck is in the middle of your face and body. And the one shade that makes it look seamless from your face to body is the perfect shade for you. And always always apply foundation on your ears too. Because people don’t realize the main reason the base actually looks like mask is when it is not properly blend in with you face and body and also ears.


These are all my tips to find a perfect match for your skin type and tone.

I hope you find this post helpful.

Good Luck!


Zunaira Sulman.

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