How to : Find a Perfect Bag


How to : Find a perfect bag :

I am a big believer in splurging on one nice bag, that you absolutely love, then buying 10million bags just to have choice. Anyway how many times do you shift all your stuff from one bag to another ? It’s just a hustle. And TBH it doesn’t look as nice, as one nice bag does.

That one bag you absolutely love and it goes with everything, all year long, and then you change it once you are done with it. I believe you save money this way and also you get your moneys worth.

I found my perfect bag, and I love everything about it, it has plenty of pockets and compartments in it, which helps me keep my things organized plus. It’s not to big. You can totally use it as day time purse and just by folding in the straps, you can use it as night time clutch.





Finding right bag for you, ask yourself few question ?

What’s your style ? *i like chic things*

You might like, casual,Β  or semi-formal. Whatever your style is, explore in that category.

How much stuff you take out with you ? *just my necessities*

You might travel a lot, or you might like to carry your whole life in it. Decide what size you want.

How long you wanna use it? *all year long*

You might wanna use it for a season or two. Spring/summer or Autumn/winter.

This is the simplest way to decide which way you wanna go.

I hope you find this post helpful.

Good Luck !


Zunaira Sulman.

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