Favorite Mascara Drugstore and High-end Plus Reviews

Favorite Mascara

Drugstore and High-end:




Estee Lauder

sumptuous extreme lash multiplying volume mascara

This is one of my top favorite high-end mascaras. I was using Dior show mascara for years, and years. And i couldn’t find any other mascara that, came even close to the dior one.I loved it so much.  I found quite a few mascaras that i loved, but somehow they didn’t work for me. Some were hell to take off , or some just smudged or didn’t hold the curl. My eyelashes are very straight and thin. They need an amazing mascara to make any difference. I was buying Estee Lauder’s lip gloss, I saw this mascara, loved the packaging and what it claimed. And I though I should give it a try.And now it is my top favorite mascara atm. I still love my dior show, but this works the same I believe. It is so easy to wipe off at night. That’s like the biggest plus for me, I do NOT like when you have to tug and pull on your lashes to wipe off the product. The wand is bigger than your usual mascara. It is a little intimidating at the beginning but it distributes the product evenly, which give you gorgeous, thick, long and full lashes. Or at least, illusion of it. It is superrr long lasting. It does not smudge. I have not even once experienced smudging, clumping or flaking. It basically does what it claims. However, when I first started using it, I did not like the application, I found the formula very wet. But that’s how all mascaras are in the beginning. Let the mascara dry out a bit. And it will do wonders for your lashes.



The colossal Go Exteme

Volum’ Express Mascara

It gets the job done fantastically. If you are looking for an affordable mascara, this mascara is great. It lengthens and thickens your lashes. Makes them appear longer and fuller. The wand is pretty big and has a curve in the middle. And what that curve does is, it gets all the lashes and coats them evenly. It does not flake at all. I feel like it is a drug store version of Estee Lauder one. I have been using it for years. And still loving it. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is looking for a good drugstore mascara.


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Zunaira Sulman.

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