favorite 5 eyeshadows

Favorite 5 eyeshadows – Eyeshadows for brown eyes

Favorite 5 eyeshadows – Eyeshadows for brown eyes
                    I’m a neutral eyeshadow kinda girl. There’re very rare occasions when I opt for any other eyeshadows other than neutrals. I think neutral eyeshadows are very timeless and beautiful; not that other colors are not. But for me, I like neutral eyeshadows on myself the most.In this post I’m sharing my absolute favorite 5 eyeshadows, if you follow my blog for a while, these won’t come off as surprise to you at all. These are the eyeshadows I wear all the time, I just change the technique to change up the make up look, but for the most part these’re the eyeshadows I always use in one way or the other.

eyeshadows for brown eyes

eyeshadows for brown eyes



Sleek  i-Dive Eyeshadow Palette in Ultra Mattes V2

All the eyeshadows I love equally, but this one is my most favorite one, right at the top of the list.It’s a mixture of burgundy and brown. I feel like my eye makeup is not completely done without this eyeshadow. That’s how much I love it. It’s a warm toned, reddish-brown eyeshadow. It looks absolutely stunning especially on olive skin tones. This whole palette is so darn pigmented, velvety and blendable. I think for “affordable” matte eyeshadow palette, Sleek i-Divine Eyeshadow palette in Ultra Mattes V2 is an amazing option.

eyeshadows for brown eyes


Half Baked

Urban decay Original Naked Palette

I love me a good gold eyeshadow, but I hate it when it’s too yellow toned, or too white-ish, half baked is a perfect gold eyeshadow in my opinion. It feels so silky and velvety and goes on the lids very smoothly. I love how I can go with a light wash of this eyeshadow and create a very subtle look or build it up to a super opaque finish. I think every girl, whether she likes to wear minimal makeup or full-on diva-esque makeup, needs to have a perfect gold eyeshadow.

eyeshadows for brown eyes



Paper Bag

Sleek i-Divine Eyeshadow Palette in Ultra Mattes V2

It’s a gorgeous matte dark chocolate brown color. I love matte black eyeshadow, but sometimes It just feels very stark and harsh to me. Paper bag is such a great alternative to a stark black matte eyeshadow. This eyeshadow is super super SUPER pigmented. It’s not as harsh as matte black eyeshadow, but has a fair amount of intensity, without it being too harsh.

eyeshadows for brown eyes



Urban Decay Original Naked Palette

The best crease shade ever. This mid-toned brown eyeshadow makes a perfect crease shade for ALL eyeshadows, and also can be worn on it’s on all over the lids, and lower lash-line. It’s dark enough to create depth in the crease and hazey effect on the lower lash-line, but subtle enough to give a very soft look. You can build it up, or tone it down depending on the look you’re going for, and you can’t go wrong with this shade.

eyeshadows for brown eyes


Look me in the ice

Catrice Liquid Metal Eyeshadow

Just like a perfect gold, every girl also needs a perfect silver eyeshadow too. I used to adore Urban decay “Evolt” eyeshadow from Electric Palette, but these days I’m more drawn towards this Catrice Liquid Metal Eyeshadow “look me in the ice”, it’s a icy silver color, that gives a very frosty and subtle metallic finish. I like to wear in all over the lids, or just in the inner corners of the eyes, but it’ll also look great on the lower lash line. There’re always lots of ways to use one product. That’s what I always do create different looks with same eyeshadows,most of the times.

eyeshadows for brown eyes These’re my favorite 5 and very basic eyeshadows. 3 of these I think every girl should have, a perfect silver, a perfect gold, and a perfect crease color. And if you’re a makeup beginner, it takes away so much confusion, until you feel confident enough to play with more eyeshadows, practice with these 3 eyeshadow, even if you mess up, it’s not gonna be so obvious.

eyeshadows for brown eyes

I hope you find this post helpful.

Good Luck!


Zunaira Sulman.

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