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Face highlighting and contouring – Spring Edition

Face highlighting and contouring – Spring Edition

                              So finally the sun has started to shine bright, out of the clouds, and I am so happy that finally we don’t have to be all bundled up and isolated at home. I can finally go on walks and play in the park with my little one. As the weather has changed I have changed my contour and highlight techniques a bit. I like to have really glowy and highlighted skin in spring and summer. I am not much of a sculpted contouring person, and especially for an every day kinda thing, it doesn’t feel and look right too, that’s what I feel. If you love heavy chiseled cheekbones and stuff, do that. But my lifestyle does not require that. So I keep it light and appropriate. If that makes any sense. My preference of contouring is more like warming up the face. I get really really tanned in spring and especially summer, so I already get those shadows and bronzey look, that I don’t have to add more product, to make my skin look warm and tanned.However with the highlighter I go all out.

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How I contour my face:

Contouring your face, does not mean to totally draw on an illusion and change up the structure of your face. Even though you can do that. I am more of a light contouring person. I’m not into super dark chiseled out and sculpted contouring, because my lifestyle doesn’t require that as I mentioned before. So, the gist of this whole thing is that  I like to go with “powder products”. I find that cream products take longer to blend, and are harder to work with, especially for beginners. It is very easy to make mistakes and look muddy while you are using cream products, if you don’t use it right. But when you are using powder contouring products, they are more forgiving, it is hard to really make mistakes with them. They blend out real fast, and that’s the thing I love the most. As much as I love to play with makeup, I don’t have much time to get ready in reality. So I am a big fan of powder products. I only contour the hollows of my cheeks and bronze up the sides of my forehead. That’s all I do. Although I do know how to contour nose, jawbone and everything, I feel like, it is better to stay away from them, for the most part, because those techniques are addictive, yes ! I said addictive, because once you sculpt and contour it the way you want, you start to look at yourself differently, and you prefer to have your contour face on all the time. And without makeup it doesn’t feel the same way for you, which is obvious. So, I totally suggest to keep it subtle. That’s just my preference. Anyway, I swirl my brush in the product, and I like to build up my contour. Rather than putting a weird patch on my face and then it is so hard to blend it away. I build up the product, meaning, I use a very light hand and apply it in the hollows of my cheeks, making sure I do not bring it forward than the pupil of my eyes. Like the black part of your eyes(lol). Make sure you don’t bring the contouring product any further than that, otherwise It will look unnatural and very detectable. Plus when you look straight it will look like you have stripes on your face. Always start applying the product starting from the ear, never start from the cheeks, the product will not blend properly and you will have an uneven patch on your face. Remember you want the concentration of the product more on the starting of the contour, than the ending. If it is confusing, see the picture below, it will make it easy for you to understand. After that, I like to bronze up my forehead, Again I use a very very light hand and swirl the brush on the sides of my forehead, on top of the outer third of my eyebrow. And blend it well. And lastly the hairline, I do not take any excessive product on the brush, whatever is left over on the brush, I just brush it on the hairline. Otherwise it will all look unnatural. You gotta bronze where-ever sun hits your face.

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How I highlight my face:

No rocket science, super easy and simple. I like to use powder products, as I mentioned before, because they are quick, mess-free and easier. I love the look of cream products, but I think they need more time and concentration, so I avoid them. Plus I think powder products really work well with my combination skin. Anyway, It totally depends on you, which kind of highlighter you like. There are so many kind of highlighters to choose from, pink toned, gold, champagne, bronze, powder, cream, mousse, stick etc you decide which one you like the most. I prefer more gold/champagne kinda highlighters. And All I do is, I swirl the brush in the product and apply it on the high points of my face. As I said I become a highlighter freak in spring and summer, because I love the way it looks on my tanned skin. So, I apply it on my cheekbones, inner corners of my eyes, cupid’s bow, bridge of my nose, and left over on the brush on the my forehead, above the first half of my eyebrows. Very simple and easy. Only key is applying less product and blending it up. Instead of putting on patches.


I hope you find this post helpful. Enjoy!

Good Luck!


Zunaira Sulman.

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