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Fabulous in 5 minutes

Fabulous in 5 minutes

Have you ever been in a situation where you look like absolute disaster and you have to leave the house in 10 minutes. You have to prepare diaper bag, feed your baby and also get yourself and your baby ready in those 10 minutes. Well if you are not a mom you will not relate to it obviously, but these days I feel like we all are in a rush. So, this past weekend was super busy. My husband and I were assembling the furniture, and we totally overlooked the time and kept on fixing our home and suddenly we realized we have to be somewhere within half an hour, which means we have to leave home within 10 minutes. My husband does not like being late. He is very punctual and he DOES NOT like unpunctual people.Β  I was a very unpunctual person myself(lol), but now I have trained myself to always be on time and don’t make him or anyone wait.Β  At the same time, I do not go out looking like a disaster. I am one of those people who look sick without makeup(lol). I know everybody looks sick without makeup but not everybody accepts that. But oh well, As for me, I do look I haven’t slept in weeks , which is actually true lol. I do not like that look of “what happened to you” or “is everything okay with you”. That look annoys me. I like to be presentable when I go out. I do not remember last time when I went out looking like a mess or rolled out of bed and went out. No that’s just not me. And luckily my husband likes that about me, otherwise that would have been a problem. This is the quickest makeup look EVER. And still it looks like you have your life together and your brain is in working condition, when it is totally not. And you feel like chugging a can of redbull(lol). I do not like to look tired, or let anyone know about it, yes, I live in my shell and I only let very few people in, which is rare. I am a very private person in that matter. Anyway, the whole point of this blog is, you can still look presentable in 5 minutes. Choose to look the best that you can in the given time. This is the kind of look I go for when I am in hurry.


IMG_7281 IMG_7282 IMG_7283

Step #1

I used “virgin” from original naked palette to highlight my browbone. It has that iridescent finish. I like how it reflects light. I have used just one palette for this look. Since it is all about making the best out of 5 minutes, the last thing you want is to explore around all the palettes you have. And tbh I stick to my naked palettes no matter how many other palettes I have. They are totally down my alley. All shades work for me, although I used naked 3 wayyyy less than I use naked 1 and 2.


Step #2

The sun was just playing hide and seek in the clouds (lol).Anyway. For the lids I went for “sidecar” from the same palette, and swiped it on the eyelids. You do not have to be precise with it. Just swipe it on the lids and it will give a really beautiful shimmery, and a litttttle glittery effect.Sidecar is a beautiful shimmery bronze eyeshadow with little bit of glitter.


Step #3

After that I used “buck” from the same palette as a crease shadow and blended it really well to give a very seamless and gradient effect. This look is very chic and classy. So, it needs to be well blended. Just make sure you take tiniest amount of eyeshadow and apply it. It is easier to blend out less product than to blend out a patch of eyeshadow. Also after you are done blending it out, use the same brush, without taking any more product and swipe it on the lower lashline as well. Super quick!


Step #4

Well Hi sun ! dah!! Lastly apply a winged eyeliner. If you are someone who is not confident applying eyeliner, and chances are you are going to ruin the rest of your makeup. Just skip it straight away. This look will look fabulous and effortless with or without winged out eyeliner. Just rim the inner lashline and apply few coats of mascara and you are done. Blending is the key whenever you are going for quick subtle looks.



For lips I used Estee Lauder’s Pure color Envy lipstick in Desirable and paired it with Estee Lauder Shimmer gloss in “pink innocence”. This look has a very soft and beautiful vibe. It’s the kind of makeup that men like. HAHA. I have mentioned before I do makeup for myself, because I enjoy. But when I wear makeup for him, it is always subtle and minimal, or bold lips with winged eyeliner. Not that you need man’s approval of your makeup. But why not please the man in your life every now and then (wink wink) lol. Anyway. The lip combo I used for this look is just as subtle and beautiful as the eye makeup is. Give it a go and you will see how it enhances your features and make you look fabulous in 5 minutes.




IMG_7252IMG_7153 IMG_7151

I hope you find this post helpful.

Good Luck !


Zunaira Sulman.

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