zunaira sulman eyeshadow and lipstick combos

Eyeshadow and Lipstick combination guide

Eyeshadow and Lipstick combination guide

As the name suggests, it is a blog post explaining my favorite eyeshadow and lipstick combinations. Honestly if you know the right combinations, you can create the most beautiful makeup looks in minutes. Have you ever been in a situation where you were like, okay so I have done my eye makeup but I don’t know which lipstick would go with this look, Or you want to wear a certain color of lipstick and you are confused as for which kind of eye makeup to go with. Below are my favorite of all time combos,

Bronze and Pink

A warm bronze eyeshadow, paired with a pretty pink lipstick looks chic and beautiful. You can never go wrong with bronze eye makeup and pink lips. I think pink color really compliments the warm tones of bronzey eye shadows.

eyeshadow combo pink lipstick combo

Orange and Champagne or Orange and Blue

I love orange lipsticks. And especially in spring and summer, I reach a lot for orange lipsticks. I know orange lips are not everyone’s cup of tea, and to some, who would like to wear it, don’t know exactly which shade of eye makeup to pair with it. If you are someone who really like to balance their makeup, then go with champagne and orange combo, orange lips and champagne eye makeup, and if you are someone who is a little more daring and experimental with their makeup, blue looks, sassssssyyyyyy with orange lips. I will definitely be posting a blue and orange makeup look on my blog. I think it is a fun way to jazz up your look.

champagne eyeshadow combo orange lipstickscobalt eyeshadow orange lips

Neutral Shades and Statement lips

I feel like whenever you want to wear a statement lip, but you aren’t sure of which eye makeup you should wear with it go with neutral eyeshadows, and it will work great with cool tones, warm tones, neutral tones, anything and everything works.

dark lips neutral eyeshadows

Jewel Tones and Nude lips

If you are someone who likes to wear colorful jewel toned eyeshadows, wear any jewel tone eyeshadow of you desire, and just pair it with a perfect nude lips. It is going to make a beautiful statement. And it will balance out the look.

jewel tone eyeshadow nude lipstickss

Golds and Reds

There is nothing that screams classic beauty like the gold and red combo does. It is feminine, it is subtle statement, it is timeless it as absolutely stunning. I love paring gold eyeshadows with red lips.

gold eyeshadows red lips

Classic Black and Brown based Nudes

Do I even have to share a pictures, you can totally imagine it. A black smokey eye and nude lips with brown undertones. CLASSIC ! it is fierece it is stunning. It is bold but classy. I love a plain black smokey eye paired with nude lips. There was a time when I would only wear black eye makeup and nude lips. (lol). #oldtimes.

black eyeshadow nude lipsticks

Grey and Pink

I love how unusual yet subtle this combination is. A lot of people don’t consider grey to be a neutral eyeshadow, when you think of neutral eyeshadows you think of brown and bronzey shades. Grey is also a neutral eyeshadow and paired with pink lips, it looks BOMB and very high-fashion. You can use shimmery or matte grey, any grey eyeshadow would look stunning paired with pink lips.

grey eyeshadow pink lipsticks

Brown and Burgundy

I know this is more of a autumn/winter combo, but I can not skip it while I talk about my favorite eyeshadow and lipsticks combo. It is chic it is classy it is absolutely divine. That’s my most worn combo of autumn/winter. And I’ll still be wearing it every now and then.

brown combo burgundy lips



The whole point of this blog post is to get your started with makeup, and make it easy for you. Until you start creating your own makeup looks, follow these combos, just swipe the shadow on the lids, and blend the endges, that’s it. A coat of mascara and then finish the look off with lipstick. Super simple and easy. It is the first step for beginners. I will keep posting blogs like this, making it more advanced for step by step progress.

I hope you find it helpful. Let me know.

Good Luck !


Zunaira Sulman.




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