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Eye creams 101

Eye creams 101

Keeping your under eye area hydrated and moisturized is just as important as moisturizing your face, if not more. I personally find it to be more important because the skin on your lips and under your eyes is way more delicate and lacks oils producing glands than rest of your face and body. The signs of aging start showing around the eye area way earlier than rest of your face, it is because the eye area is more exposed to damage, is more sensitive and obviously because it lacks the oil glands,that is why it can get dry and wrinkly pretty quick if not well taken care off. Eye creams are especially more important for people who love to play with makeup, like myself. I have recently started using an eye cream, I mentioned in one of my previous blog posts that I am trying out new skin care products, and working on a perfect regimen that works the best for me. It is so so important to take care of yourself. I write these blog posts to encourage women to take care of themselves. I want this to be a reminder for them that they are important too. We spend our whole lives to make people around us happy, and fulfill their needs, there are times when we even forget to comb through our hair properly. Don’t neglect yourself so much, in the end, it’s you, living in your body. And today how you treat your body, your body will treat you the same way tomorrow, keep people around you happy, and take care of them, but put your name on that list too. Well, this blog post is getting a little deeper, but I hope you get my point, let’s get in to Eye cream 101. I’m going to share everything that you need to know about eye creams.

Finding a Perfect Eye cream:

There are so many kind of eye creams available in the market, cream consistency, gel like, water based, oil based etc etc. Different price points, different brand names, they can be pretty expensive, they can be over moisturizing and the list goes on. Point is, I get it, it is pretty confusing to decide which eye cream to go for, and considering how delicate our eye area is, you don’t wanna mess with it. Few rules, when it comes to buying an eye cream, if you are pretty young, and you do not need heavy duty prevention, just enough to keep your under eye area hydrated, go with a gel or water based eye cream. They have very thin, gel like consistency, which sinks right in to your skin. If you are a older and you need something that will really help you prevent signs of aging creamy or oil based eye creams are more beneficial for you. Secondly never ever buy a full size eye cream without trying it out, always buy a travel size or sample size and try it out before spending on a full size product.


If an eye cream is keeping your under eye area moisturized and soft plus feels light on the skin, and penetrates right through the skin it is most probably a right formula for you. Because when the formula is not moisturizing enough for you, that product is of no use, or otherwise if your eye cream is too rich and moisturizing for your under eye area, it will give you white bumps, which are going to be pretty noticeable, the moment you see that white bumps are starting to appear on the under eye area, stop using that eye cream, it is way too heavy for you, the thing with white bumps is that, they are not extractable, your skin will take time to eliminate that, or if you stop using it immediately they will disappear pretty quick, but if you keep using it, you are causing more harm than help. The results are never going to be majorly drastic and magical immediately. As long as the skin around your eyes feels soft and moisturized, that all that matters.


I personally think that using an eye cream, twice a day is perfect. In the morning and at night after washing your face, use an eye cream, when your skin is still damp. Your skin will absorb it better and it will show the maximum results. Now you can massage the orbital bone, the bone around your eyes and then lightly apply the eye cream on the lids and under eye area. But that is not my preferred way of applying an eye cream. I would suggest to always use a patting motion and gently pat the product in the skin, instead of massaging or rubbing it in. I think this way you avoid any further damage to the delicate skin around the eyes. But to each their own, for me patting in the eye cream feels and works the best. And always use your ring finger to pat the product, because your ring finger puts the least pressure on the skin and is the gentlest to apply an eye cream around the eyes.

I hope you find this post helpful.

Good Luck!


Zunaira Sulman.

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