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Easy Spring Makeup look 2015

Easy Spring Makeup 2015:

I have mentioned plenty of times in past few blog posts that I am pretty eager for warmer weather. As much as I love autumn/winter dark makeup trends, I think now is time to change things up a bit. Wear light-weight flowy clothes and light weight makeup. No more heavy jackets and vampy lips. Not that you can not wear light shades in colder months, but I think a change in style is always fun. This makeup look is sooo sooo easy. No matter how bad you are at doing your makeup. It is almost impossible to mess up this look. I only used 3 eyeshadows to create this look. No eyeliner. No dark lips. Those are the things that you usually mess up. You are going to see me wear looks like that through out spring and summer. I used Urban decay naked 2 palette to create this look. Yes, one palette makeup. I think the lip shade I used compliments the eyeshadows I used very well. And makes the perfect look. This look is appropriate for both causal and formal events. It is a minimal makeup look without being absolutely neutral and nude. I love how this make up look is so springy and fun. Let’s get started with step by step pictures and details for how I created this look,



Step #1

I used “pistol” from Urban decay naked 2 palette all over the lid. You do not have to be precise with the application. Just put a wash of color all over your lid. As I said before, there is no way you can mess up this makeup look, no matter how bad you are at doing your make up. Pistol is a grey-ish silver shade. Any grey-ish silver color would work. Lately I am finding myself using Pistol a lot. It’s a beautiful shade.



Step #2

Next step to this look is applying a rust eyeshadow with mauve undertones. I used “busted” from urban decay naked 2 palette and applied it with a very very light hand in the crease and outer V and also on half of the lower lash-line of my eyes. The key here is to blend. This look is all about blending. The shadows should be super blended into each other. And there should be no harsh lines. In the final pictures you will see it will be a gradient from pistol to bootycall. Take your time and blend those shadows well. IMG_5740


Step #3

After applying a lid and crease shadow, I brightened up the inner corners of my eyes and also highlighted the browbone with the same shadow. I used “bootycall” to highlight my browbone and inner eye corners. Usually the inner corner of eyes are always dark and dull and have natural dark shadows. Adding this step makes sure to give a very bright and wide awake, happy eyes.IMG_5745


Step #4

Use any black eye pencil or kajal in the inner rims of your easy. Super easy and simple. I used Urban decay 24/7 glide on eye pencil in Perversion. It’s just a black eye pencil.IMG_5747


Step # 5

No look would be complete without a mascara. Layer on that mascara to finish the eye look.IMG_5752


I just bought this lippie and I am already so freaking obsessed with it. Absolutely love it. It’s a perfect coral shade that I like. to anybody who is a little scared to put straight neon orange lipstick on should go for this one. It has pink hues and the orange is not too neon. It is such a balanced coral shade. And best part is, It is matte lip lacquer. Matte lip products are so drying and uncomfortable to wear. As much as I love the look of matte lipstick, they are so uncomfortable to wear. Absolutely hate the fact they are super drying. I used Astor Matte style lip lacquer in “205 All about style”. It is super comfortable to wear, not patchy at all, neither does it exaggerates the dry patches on your lips. It is affordable and I am going to pick up few more lippies from that range.

IMG_6395IMG_6353IMG_6365 IMG_6368 IMG_6408 IMG_6412IMG_6375 IMG_6374

This look is absolutely fool-proof. There is no way you can mess it up. So, give it a try and see where it goes.

Good Luck !


Zunaira Sulman.

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