Easy Smokey Eye Makeup ! using urban decay naked 2

Easy Smokey Eye Makeup !

               Matte eyeshadows !

This look is very modern and chic, And goes with EVERYTHING and every lip color.
The key to this look is building and blending the eyeshadows.



Step 1 :

Apply Blackout on your eyelids and the rims of your eyes, now keep blending it until you get smokey effect. Keep building and blending the color until you get the effect that you like.

Step 2 :

Apply tease in the crease and again keep building and blending the color, until you achieve the look you like, also on the rims of your eyes.

Step 3 :

Apply foxy to highlight you browbone. and make sure the transition from all these colors is seamless.

Apply a coat of mascara, and lip color you like and you’re all glammed up in no time.

Good Luck !
Zunaira Sulman.

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