Easy, Healthy, Low calorie Late night Snack Ideas

Easy, Healthy, Low calorie Late night Snack Ideas:

Late night snacking is the biggest reason why you gain weight quickly and also it makes it more difficult for your body to lose weight. Either you are a mom, like myself, or your work demands for you to stay up till late in life, whatever your reason might be, snacking at night is hard to resist. And also it is not going to make you feel all that great in the morning. Because at night your body needs to rest, and it is less inactive. Therefore the food you eat late at night is most likely to settle as fat in your body.


Always remember it’s a snack, not a meal :

People often forget, and I myself am guilty of that. Snack means just to have a little portion of something, rather than keep munching because you are bored, or don’t put a whole tub of icecream or a full bag of chips or box of cookies next to you and keep munching. You are going to regret that in the morning, it will make you feel bloated and, gain unnecessary weight in a long run. So portion control is very important. I am going to share my favorite late night snacks which are not only healthy, low calorie but also very easy to prepare and satisfy my unhealthy cravings.


Sweet Potato:

I love, love, love sweet potato. You can make sweet potato chips, boil it or bake it. It is delicious however you make it. I most of the times, just boil the sweet potato, you can check if it is fully boiled just by inserting a skewer in it, if it feels soft it is fully boiled then squeeze a lemon on it. And just eat it. It is that simple. It is filling, it is sweet and at the same time it is low calorie, and good for your health.


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Yogurt Ice-cream:

Now you can make yogurt icecream the traditional way to make it more healthy and even lower calories just by mixing plain yogurt and strawberries or fruits of your choice, and put the mixture in the popsicle maker. I honestly just put a popsicle stick in mini flavored yogurt servings and put it in the freezer. And there you have it, a perfect snack to satisfy your icecream craving, without sabotaging your fitness goals.


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Whole-wheat tortillas and low-fat Chees:

I know that doesn’t sound very low calorie or healthy, But well, it is. And that the best part about it. Whenever I crave something salty at night. I reach for this.It is super easy, just put a think layer of cheese in between tortillas and put it in the preheated oven for couple of minutes. You can add veggies, olives, or whatever you like, as a topping. It is super quick and i swear by it. It actually satisfies my Pizza craving. So in comparison I think it’s an amazing alternative.

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I hope you find it helpful.


Zunaira Sulman.



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