DIY: Face Mask – Anti-Aging Mask !

DIY : Anti-Aging Mask !

This mask is not just good for mature skin, but it also helps in preventing premature wrinkles, and early signs of aging. And hydrates the skin and blurs lines and wrinkles.


Ingredients :

- 1 ripe banana

- 1 and a half tsp orange juice

- 1 tsp yogurt

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Procedure :

Mash 1 ripped banana in a bowl, and add 1 and a half tsp orange juice and 1 tsp yogurt. Mix all those ingredients together. And your easy, at home, mask is ready.

Application :

Apply it on the face using a face mask brush or the tips of your fingers and let it sit and soak in for about 10-15 mins. After that rinse it of with luke warm water and tap dry your face.

This mask is not only easy, diy, and all natural but also it can also act as a scrub. Take the orange zest and mix it together with all the ingredients. And gently scrub your face. It won’t harsh on your skin and yet it will deep clean all your pores and give you an amazing glow and youthful skin.


I hope you find this post helpful.

Good Luck !


Zunaira Sulman.

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