How to be confident

How to be confident?

Being confident has always been the most important of all. But a lot of the times, we don’t understand the meaning of “being confident”. Being confident means, being comfortable in who you are. Even if you are shy, you accept it, and you’re vocal about it,and you embrace yourself just for who you are, that’s what we call confidence. Not the stereotype you see on social media.Embracing yourself for who you are is confidence. It makes life so much better and happier.In this blog I’m gonna share few tips and tricks that are gonna help you, until you make it where you want to be.


Fake it, until you make it.Yes! It’s the first step. You are not gonna decide to be confident at night, and wake up all sunshine and confident in the morning.Let’s face the reality, motivational quotes are good for the soul.But they don’t necessarily always work. You have to have the will to be confident.And you have to fake it, until you make it. e.g when you got to school, and seniors bully you, if they see it’s getting to you, they enjoy it, and do it more.Don’t become their entertainment. Act like it doesn’t bother you.And they will stop when they don’t get the entertainment they want.Even though inside your soul is literally shivering. No I am not being dramatic, those who have been there, know that.


Love yourself for who you are, from the inside and out.A lot of people suffer from lack of confidence, because they don’t look the way they want to be.You have no say in it, either you are born with something or either you are not.No matter how much science and medicine has gone to far,but it has it’s limit.You better accept yourself the way God has created you. And we all are beautiful, no matter what size, shape, color we are.Find something that you really like about yourself, and concentrate on it.Your way of talking, your voice, your eyes, smile whatever.


If something about you is bothering you, then change it, within reasons of course.Like you want to be more fit, and healthy, you want to have more stamina, then start now start eating healthy, start working out.And do that for right reasons, no to look like certain someone.


STOP COMPARING YOURSELF. It’s a big insult to yourself, when you compare yourself with someone else.You are not that person, and that person is not you. You are the only one God has created. Respect that, and give yourself Respect.


Dress for yourself.Wear what flatters you the most.Not something that is cool and trendy.Super tight, or not your size.Just because it’s cool.And you will see, when you wear what flatter you, you will be much, much moooore confident.Have your own style.


Having a charming personality never fails.Work on your personality.Walk in a room like you own it.And be yourself unapologetically.Have a personality that leaves and impact on everyone you meet. And they remember you for your charming personality.Because no one is gonna remember what you were wearing, how fancy your were, you had perfect hair or not. Give respect, and get respect.And don’t waste your time on people who don’t respect you.


Have a positive approach and smile often. Negative approach and bad attitude will never ever get you anywhere in life.People who succeed in life, are not the ones who never feel, but the ones who are positive enough to get back on their feet and work for what they want.And they focus on what they want, and nothing drags them down or stops them.If you do all of this, still fail, keep doing it. Do it until you accept yourself for who you are.And with a smile on your face.Don’t make it a struggle. Look at it as a journey, to reach your final destination.And have a smile of hope on your face.


Don’t try to impress people, just to fit in, sooner or later that mask will fall off, and you will end up where you started from.Be yourself and you will find people with whom you will have mutual-interests. And i know it’s easier said than done.Because it sucks when you find yourself in a shell all alone.But it gets better.And as the time pass and you look back, you question yourself.. why…. ? So hang in there, and keep trying.


Don’t rely on others opinion of you.Or their acceptance for you.Don’t be vulnerable.What people think of you, does not describe who you are. Have a clear vision of yourself.Know yourself. And don’t let what others say about you, get to you.Because it says more about who they are, than who you are.


Believe in yourself.You have to treat yourself the way, you want people to treat you.If you don’t believe in yourself, how can you even expect from others to believe in you ? Stay true to who you are, and right people will come along.Even if it takes time, it’s woth it.Hang in there, and keep trying.


I hope you find this post helpful.

Good Luck !


Zunaira Sulman.

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