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Concealer guide – Skin type, Consistency, Application and more

Concealer 101 – Skin type, Consistency, Application and more

I have shared a blog post like this one about “liquid foundations” in which I talked about perfect application of liquid foundation and also what I do myself. Likewise in this blog post I am going to talk about concealers, type of concealers, how to choose concealer for your skin type and how to properly use it. It is very easy to go wrong with concealer application. You can exaggerate the blemishes and make your dark circles look more ashy and noticeable. There are so many types of concealers in the market. Most commonly being water based concealers, cream concealers, pen form and stick concealer. It can get pretty tricky which on to go for, well, I have got you covered on that,

Purposes of concealer:

Concealer is used mainly for two purposes. One is to conceal the blemishes and imperfections and the other one is to highlight the dull areas, and bring light and attention to them. By using a concealer for highlight, you bring out certain areas of your face, like under eye area, jawbone for people who have really narrow jawbone, cupid’s bow, browbone or middle of your forehead. One thing you need to know is, never ever use the concealer you use for highlighting purpose for concealing blemishes.

How to buy a concealer for highlighting purpose and concealing purpose:

The answer is very very simple and straight forward but often neglected. The concealer you use for concealing the imperfections purpose has to be same as your foundation shade. Never go lighter or darker than that. Otherwise you are just going to make your imperfections more noticeable. Secondly the concealer you use to highlight is always 2x lighter than your foundation shade. Never mix the two concealers, and make your face look weird and funky and your imperfections more noticeable.

Concealer Consistency that might work best for your skin type:

I have a normal to combination skin and sometime according to the weather it gets a little dry. Which makes it pretty tricky, as for which concealer to stick to. I find that water based and creamy concealers work the best when you are in confusing situation like that. Anyway, If you have oily skin go for stick concealers. Stick concealers are the solid form of concealers, and they need the warmth of you finger to melt the product before you apply. And when you apply it to the skin the oils of your skin creates a perfect balance for a stick product and makes your skin look the most natural that it can be with makeup and also it wears nicely and doesn’t go cakey or shiny. Whereas if you have dry skin do not ever use stick concealer. For Dry skin use more creamy concealers. Creamy concealers will give you the best skin like feel and won’t exaggerate the dryness of your skin.


You can apply your concealer using your finger, brush or sponge. Applying with finger warms up the product and give you really well blended and natural effect. Whereas if you use a synthetic brush it doesn’t absorb your product and you don’t end up wasting your concealer and it also blends out the product nicely plus you can see where your product has been applied and how much of blending and buffing it requires, it is more hygienic than using a finger. If you have really severe discoloration and dark circles, I have shared an in depth blog post on how to conceal them, read that for that kind of information. Anyway, using a sponge is more for highlighting. If you are trying to conceal your blemish use a brush, never dip that brush back into the product you will end up contaminating the whole pot of concealer. Take some product out on the back of your hand and use it. So your concealer won’t get contaminating with bacteria and cause you acne in future.Also it would be great if you used a concealer withย salicylic acid so it will also treat you acne and won’t cause break outs on rest of your face. If you are highlighting the under eye area I guess all the techniques work fine, whether you use a brush or your fingers or a sponge. If you use a highlighting pen for of concealer, it is very watery, apply it directly from the pen and blend it with your finger or brush.

My concealer Application:

I have tried all the methods of application. But I find the one that works the best for me is a sponge. I do agree you do end up wasting some product, but the finish you get is very natural and light weight. It does not look cakey at all.It wears nicely. Of course that for highlighting purpose. I do not cover imperfections on my face completely. I think it is absolutely normal and obvious to have some imperfections on your skin. I like to have sheer and light weight makeup. So whatever my foundation covers work for me. But if I were to go to somewhere fancy and had to conceal all the imperfection for flawless look or I were to wear a dark lip color I would totally even out the blemishes on my face using a tiny brush with tiny and dense bristles. Dense bristles give a nice full coverage, and dab on the product on my blemish gently and then blend the edges.

I hope you find this post helpful.

Good Luck !


Zunaira Sulman.

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    1. I use maybelline age rewind concealer for under the eyes and to conceal blemishes, which I rarely do, I use the body shop tea tree stick concealer or maybelline fit me. :)

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