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How to: Clear Skin in 3 steps

How to: Clear Skin in 3 steps

Who doesn’t want clear skin ? It is the most common beauty related issue. Everybody deals with acne, pimples, blackheads, whiteheads,overnight zits, and acne scars. To actually achieve the clear skin there are three basic step you can do. And make it part of your routine to maintain clear skin and avoid unnecessary pimples and acne.Disclaimer: If you have severe or cystic acne, that can only be treated by a dermatologist, get that help. There is nothing embarrassing or wrong in getting the help you need.

I personally don’t have infinite time to spend on 20 million products. I’m a mom, so that says it all. Right ? (lol). However there are three steps I make time for, at night. That’s the least I can do for my skin. But that works for me. And I’m pretty sure would work for anyone.


1- Cleansing

2- Toning

3- Moisturizing



Whether you wear makeup, or not. At the end of the day it is so so so important to cleanse your skin properly. Use any good cleansing milk to deep clean your skin. And take off all the gunk or product build up, all the oil that your skin has produced through out the day. And let it breathe. Clogged pores cause acne and bacteria to damage your skin. Make sure your skin is squeaky clean. Because if not, no moisturizer, acne treatments or day/night cremes will work for you. It is very important to have clean skin so these products can sink into your skin and actually provide you will the benefits they claim.

How to Properly use Cleansing Milk?

If you don’t know how to properly use cleansing milk. Don’t worry.I got your back. Cleansing milk is basically a facial care product, which has thick gooey or gel like consistency. The common mistake people make is, they over rub the cleansing milk and let it sink in the skin. You should never over rub or let the cleansing milk sink in your skin. You ask why ? Because when you over rub it pulls on your skin, hence, causing premature wrinkles and also causing friction and damaging the elasticity of your skin. 30-35 seconds is more than enough, rub it, and wipe it off. Because if you let it sink in the skin, it is also absorbing or the gunk you just rubbed off and now it will sink back in your skin.Double the bacteria. And it will just cause you to break out and make your skin rough.

The right way to properly cleanse is: Take a palm full of cleansing milk, rub it in circular motions on your skin for 30 max 35 seconds, and before it gets dry, wipe it off, with facial towel or tissue or whatever you prefer to use.

Cleansing Milk Recommendations: (Affordable and High-end)

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Toning :

Using skin toners is the most neglected part of skin care. We all spend a good amount of money on good quality makeup, cleansers, exfoliators, and moisturizers, but always neglect face/skin toners. They help to take off all the left over make up or cleanser residue. It balances the pH level of the skin. And also it encourages the blood supply in your skin. Not only that it tightens the skin and acts as anti-aging agent, fights premature lines and wrinkles and rejuvenates the skin.

How to Properly use a toner?

Pour some of the toner on a cotton ball or cotton pad, and swipe it upwards and outwards of your face. Always avoid toners that have alcohol in it. They can be very harsh on skin.And instead of making your skin smoother and more fresh. It dries out your skin and over tightens the pores. Always AVOID eye area when you use a toner. Toner is always a step after you cleanse your skin and before you moisturize. It creates the most suitable condition for your moisturizer to absorb in your skin and work.

Toner Recommendations:

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Do I even have to explain the importance of moisturizing your skin? It is the key to have amazing skin. Yes, even if you have oily skin. Using a good moisturizer will change the condition of your skin drastically. You will have more healthy, youthful,glowy and clear skin. Your skin will produce less oil, it’s pH level will be balanced, it will have elasticity to fight wrinkles and lines. It will make your skin look younger for longer. The benefits of moisturizing your skin goes on, and on and on, So, just know, it is important, no matter which skin type you have, dry, oily, combination, find a perfect moisturizer for your skin and stick to it. And always keep your skin moisturizer and hydrated. Say no to dull and dry skin.

How to Properly Use a moisturizer:

Be gentle. Don’t be harsh while rubbing moisturizer on your skin. Instead be gentle and pat the moisturizer into the skin. And while you are doing your face, NEVER EVER forget to moisturize your neck and decollete.

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Good Luck !


Zunaira Sulman.


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