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What I bought over the weekend

What I bought over the weekend:


It is no surprise that girls love shopping. I am no exception. I never really plan to go on shopping spree or anything like that. It just happens. Here are few things, beauty and fashion related, that I bought over the weekend. And since they are beauty and fashion related, it is appropriate to share them on my blog. I went to Levi’s, Sephora, Sisley and Intimissimi. Well Intimissimi is a lingerie line, so I am not gonna share that, but here are all the other things that I bought,


I love over sized, big jumpers, shirts, and cardies with skinny jeans. And I think it is safe to say I live in them, so I bought few OVER-OVER-SIZED tops. They might not look so appealing in photographs, but they look great when you actually wear them. It is very hard to find good over-sized clothes, my tip is to go size up.





I love the print on this jumper. It is silk jumper, with jersey material cuffs and neck line. I love how the neckline sits on decollete and the silk top flows. There are so many ways you can dress this baby up. I love how comfortable and simple yet so chic and stylish it is.







Stripes, plus black and white… how can you ever go wrong with that ? I love stripes and I literally live in black and white especially black. As a matter on fact, at this very moment while I am writing this blogpost I am wearing black and white stripes V-neck shirt. So that explains why I bought this. Literally when I saw it I knew I wanted it. Red lips and this top, or any statement lipstick or statement necklace, this top is so versatile. You can dress it up or dress it down easily. I just know I am gonna get a lot of use out of this one.






Well, firstly excuse the wrinkles on this shirt. And secondly let me just say this is NOT my style. BUT there are times when I like to channel my inner “badgirlriri” HAHA. Those are the times when I wear shirts like that. Because I believe you should always change up your look. It makes you feel fresh and young. And this shirt, gives that young and carefree vibe. Carefree that of course I am not, and I can’t be, but wearing shirts like that, satisfy the craving quite a bit.

This is all the stuff I bought from Sisely, Next up is;


Sephora :

Well I have to say, I always went to sephora, TO JUST buy OTHER BRANDS and never tried sephora’s products. Recently I have been trying out few of Sephora’s products and I have to say I am impressed. They are pretty good quality and they are actually amazing products. So this time I went there and bought few more of Sephora’s goodies. And I do have high hopes from them.



This is actually “sephora powder foundation”. It comes with really soft sponge on the side to apply it. But I actually DID NOT buy it for that purpose. I bought for “contouring”. It is darker than my actual skin color and I love how easy powder contouring products are. They are quick, I really don’t have time to sit and take my time to do make up and blend things for hours. I’m gonna give this one a try for contouring and see how I like it.




Sephora Smart Liner. It has felt tip. And it is supposed to be easy to apply. I haven’t used it yet, since I just bought it. I generally only use gel eyeliners. And never really go for any other options. And to be honest there are bad eyeliner days, but for the most part I can do my liner just fine. But still lately I am all about getting things done and I mostly don’t have a lot of time to spend on my makeup, so let’s see how it goes.




This one is, Sephora “Outrageous rouge Extreme liquid lipstick” in 01 ROSE SEDUCTION. I swatched this on my hand while i was in sephora. It was very creamy and I mostly stay away from creamy lipsticks and lip lacquers. But within like few seconds it did set into this amazing textured lipstick. It set into place but looked creamy.And when I had to wipe it off, I literally had to rubbbbb it off my skin with makeup removing wipe. So  I do have high hopes from this one too. I really think these are amazing but I still give it some time and see for myself.



I love this shade. I love this shade a lot. Normally these kind of shades you can only find in really expensive and high-end lipsticks. This one is Sephora Rouge Creme comfort,couvrance,eclat,smooth cream, luminous, high-coverage lipstick in R24 BEWITCH ME – cream. Well that’s all I have to say so far, that I love the shade.



Well this one is pretty self-explanatory. I don’t like thick and full coverage foundations. I like when my skin shows through my foundation. And I only use low to medium coverage foundations most of the times. And I use beauty blender, and it is getting old. Had to change it, saw this one and just gonna try it out.


This is my all time FAVORITE MASCARA. I have mentioned that before in my blog. But I have used that for soooo long, I wanted to change it a bit, so I went for Estee Lauder’s sumptuous extreme mascara. I like it too. I like it a lot. But I think dior is my favorite one.




Bought bathing loofah yayyyy HAHA nothing interesting. Black Bathing Loofah, that’s what it is…




Black High-rise Skinny jeans. I have so many jeans in my closet but 90% of them are black. But It’s alright I practically live in them. So no harm in getting another. I should have used lint roller on the jeans before taking a picture, but hey It’s real world, Lint happens. HAHA !




I love all these freebies I get from sephora. They literally know me so they give me the best freebies possible haha and I love them for that. These are so awesome to put in your purse or diapper bag as for me, because that’s my purse *lol* If you follow me on Instagram you will know that we love to travel. And these things come really handy when we travel. I got 3 of Dior’s foundation samples, and 2 samples of perfumes.


So, these are all the things I Bought over the weekend. Well, not all, but all that I would wanna share. I hope you got something out of this post.

Take Care,

Good Luck !


Zunaira Sulman.




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