bold cobalt by zunaira sulman

Bold Cobalt Eyes and Peachy Pink Lips

Bold Cobalt Eyes and Peachy Pink Lips

(I do not suggest this look for valentine’s day (lol), As a matter of fact most guys prefer light, more natural looking makeup, Or for me, I know my husband does. Yes! If you are going to party or night-out type of thing yeah sure, go ahead slap all those shadows on, but If it’s something low-key and more personal, just don’t !! He prefers mascara and tinted lip balm over this whole work of art. HAHA just saying. But I still wanted to add a bold option. I do makeup for myself, and when it is for HIM, I go for very natural and minimal looks, or dark lips and winged eyeliner. This is just an option for weddings or something like girls night out. If you want to make it Vday appropriate, at least according to me, just add a neutral eyeshadow instead of the blue one.

This look is very different than my actual style, but surprisingly I loved it. Matte blue eyeshadow was the actual focus of this look. I love how it is so modern and you can totally wear this makeup look with ethnic and more traditional outfits. Blending is the key to get this look. There should be no harsh lines and patches of eyeshadows, take your time to blend, every single shadow. So, it looks like a slow transition from Lid to brow bone. I know this makeup look, looks intimidating and hard to achieve but seriously, it is very simple, just make sure to blend all the eyeshadows properly. It is a perfect way to change up your look a bit, at least for me, stepping out from neutrals felt refreshing. Let’s get started with the look,

IMG_3209IMG_3208 IMG_3209 - Copy

Brow bone:

I wanted to use only matte eyeshadows for this look, since “gonzo” that blue shade is pretty bold itself, and it also has a slight shimmer in it. So I ended up using “foxy” from urban decay naked 2 palette to highlight the brow bone, with naked 2 shadow brush. Any vanilla shadow would work.

IMG_2920foxynaked 2

Transition colors:

I used two shades of brown as a transition shadows to create more gradient and seamless effect. I used “Naked” and “Buck” from naked original palette. Naked is a light brown shadow, and buck is slightly darker than naked. together they make a beautiful gradient effect.

Naked: Real Techniques Base Shadow brush

Buck: Real Techniques Crease shadow brush

IMG_2921 IMG_2923

naked original IMG_2316 IMG_2314


To make this look a little more bold I added “black out” from urban decay naked 2 palette. It is a matte black shadow. They key to add a little amount of shadow, blend it, apply again and then blend it, and keep doing it until you get the intensity you want, don’t apply too much shadow at one time. It will be really hard to blend and It will look harsh, because you won’t be able to blend it completely. I used sephora dual ended brush to apply black out in the crease.





“Gonzo” from Urban decay electric palette is a very vibrant blue shade with a litttttle bit of shimmery finish, which I find is not very noticeable. This whole look I created was around this eyeshadow. If you don’t want your lid shade to be so vibrate, you can totally modify the shadows. They are super build-able. I added 3 layers of eyeshadow to get really opaque and true to color look. The whole point was to have really vibrant and statement eye makeup. I think shadows like that work that best when you apply them with your finger.




Lower Lash Line:

Since this look is so top heavy, it is important to balance it out, with lower lash line, otherwise it will not look right. I applied “Black out” from UD naked 2 palette to lower lashline with sephora dual ended brush, and then blended it with “gonzo” using Real Techniques angle brush. also I added UD 24/7 glide on eye pencil in “perversion” to the inner rims of the eyes.

IMG_2931 IMG_2938


Winged Eyeliner:

Yes, I went all out and added winged eyeliner. Always make sure you connect the wing of your eyeliner with lower lash-line. You can totally keep the wing as less or more dramatic as you want. After that just add few coats of mascara, or falsies to complete the look.




Primarily I was gonna go with, totally nude lips with this look. But I think that is super Cliche to wear nude lips with really bold eye makeup. And since I was being experimental, I used a peachy pink lipstick, because I find orange tones really compliment blue tones. And I think It was a good idea to add peach lipstick instead of nude. I used ” Chanel Rouge Allure Luminous Intense in #90 Pimpante” and I loved the way this look turned out.



zunaira sulman pic



IMG_3209 - Copy


Have fun with this look, and don’t forget to give your feedback…

Good Luck !


Zunaira Sulman.

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