black smokey eye nude lips zunaira sulman

Black Smokey eye and Nude lips

Black Smokey eye and Nude lips

Black Smokey Eye and Nude lips combo will never be outdated. Makeup looks, and techniques have changed a lot through the years. And at this point I think a Classic Smokey eye and a nude lips look has it’s own place. Whenever I am not sure of which makeup I wanna wear for a certain occasion I choose Black smokey eye and nude lips. I know a lot of people think, oh ! it’s smokey eye, it is difficult and takes time to create. Well to be completely honest I find that smokey eyes and nude lips are easiest to create and nude lips are the easiest to maintain. Nude lips are super forgiving even when it smears out the lines, a bit, after eating or whatever, it’s not that noticeable, plus you don’t have to check in the mirror several times unlike when you wear bold lips, Nude lips are the EASIEST to maintain. And I think with black smokey eye nude lips look the most flattering. So now that I think I have shared my thoughts on this combo, let’s talk about how to create it.

Smokey eye nude lips

Black smokey eye nude lip look


Step #1

I took a matte black eyeshadow called “black out” from naked to palette, and applied it all over the lids, keeping a slight cat eye in the outer side of the eyes and also applied in on the lower lashline. After that a real techniques deluxe crease brush and blended the edges a little bit.



Step # 2

To further smudge the black eyeshadow from the crease above I use “tease” from urban decay naked 2 palette and blended it really well. Smokey eye = lots of blending. Then, I applied a black eye pencil in the inner rims of the eyes.



Step # 3

My favorite part of the look. I used Sleek Eye dust pigment called starry eyed and applied it all over the black eyeshadow. It is black, but it reflect that light beautifully.



Step #4

Then, I applied a very tiny winged eyeliner, you can go as dramatic as you want. But I like that almost shaped eye look when I do black smokey eyes. After that coat that Mascara on.




I have had several favorite ( Nude lips ) combos that I have loved through the years. But this one is so unexpected. I mean the products. The lip liner is from essence, #04 Honey bun and the lipstick is from an Australian brand called BYS, which is so unexpected, because I have never used there products ever, and it is so inexpensive, but the formula of the lipstick is absolutely amazing, and super creamy. I am pleasantly surprised. The name of the Nude lipstick is ” Beautifully bare”

quick black smokey eye nude lips

smokey eye nude lip

Easy smokey eye nude lips

Drugstore nude lips

crazy faces

dark smokey eye nude lips

Black smokey eye and brown-nude lips

I hope you find this post helpful.

Good Luck!


Zunaira Sulman.

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  1. hey Ayesha :) I have no problem in making videos, it’s just that life has been wayyyy to busy to actually set up everything, film, edit and then upload. I might start making videos in future :) let’s see how things go :)

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