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Black and Gold eyes with Pink Lips (Valentine’s Special)

Black and Gold eyes with Pink Lips (Valentine’s Special)

Well, February has started and my thoughts on Valentine’s day are very simple and drama free. There’s nothing wrong in showing love, plus let’s be real no one can make you feel extra special every single day and if those are your expectation, well, good luck for that ! It is good to feel EXTRA EXTRA special that day. Another thing I want to add before getting to actual point of this blog, Don’t categorize LOVE. I used to give my mom presents every single Valentine’s day, and I still tell her how much I love her, because she is special to me. Also it is so, so soooo important to love yourself. Pamper yourself, if there is no one to do that for you. Show yourself love, feel beautiful and be happy.



This is my first ever try to explain a makeup look in a blog. So, we’ll see how it goes. This is a very easy look. It does look like, Lord it is a difficult,but it isn’t. The only risky part is winged eyeliner, and about that I’d like to say practice makes a man perfect. HAHA ! The picture quality is not that great since I took step by step pictures while doing my makeup, with my phone. But you will get the point. Let’s get started.




Step #1

I used “bootycall” from urban decay naked 2 palette to highlight the browbone. You don’t have to use exact same products. Any highlighting color would work, unless you want same exact look.




Step # 2

Then I used “naked” from urban decay naked original palette,with “real techniques deluxe crease brush”, as a transition color. Transition color is the eyeshadow you use in between crease shade and brow highlight to blend them together. So there are no harsh lines. Blending is the key.




Step #3

After that I used “Buck” from original naked palette as a crease shade, with “Sephora dual ended Eyeshadow brush”. The best part about this look is you don’t have to be precise with your application. Blend the crease shade and transition shade together. (Blend Naked and Buck)





Step # 4

Then I used “Black out” from Urban decay Naked 2 palette in the inner and outer third on the lid and a tiny bit in the crease, with “Real techniques Base shadow brush”. As you can see in the picture, and left the center of the lid.




Step # 5

This step is going to pull the whole look together. I used “Half naked” from Urban decay Naked original palette,with the brush it comes with. In the center of the lid, in between the inner and outer thirds of the lid, where I applied Black out.




Step # 6

Almost done here. After that I used Urban decay 24/7 glide on pencil in “perversion” in the inner and outer rims of the eyes. And blended it with the black shadow on the lower lash line.Any black pencil/kajal would work.




Step # 7

The most crucial part of the makeup look. Winged Eyeliner. If you are not very good at winged eyeliner, you can either skip the step or just apply eyeliner close to your lashes without winging in out. And lastly applied the mascara. And the eye makeup is done.




On my Lips I wore my all time favorite lipstick in 378 Velvet rose from L’Oreal, to finish the look. This is how It is suppose to look when the Sun is not hiding behind the clouds. (lol)






I personally really like this look. This look is not just for V-day, you can rock it any time of the year. It was just an idea for a make up look. I hope my step by step pictures helped you to understand this makeup look better. If you do create this look, then share your pictures with me on facebook or instagram. I would love to see them.

Good Luck!


Zunaira Sulman.

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