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Best way of foundation application on visible facial hair

Best way of foundation application on visible facial hair

A lot of women with a little heavier peach-fuzz complain that wearing a foundation causes more harm than help for them. It highlights the facial hair, and makes the texture of skin look very uneven. Answer to that, It is all in foundation application. There’s a different technique to use for foundation application on visible facial hair. If you have a little heavier peach-fuzz, you need to be more careful with your foundation application. You can’t get away with all types of foundations and all techniques of application.

Use a Right foundation

Never ever use a super dewy or super matte foundation. Use a foundation that gives a semi-matte finish like Maybelline FIT ME matte and poreless, L’Oreal True Match or Cover Girl outlast stay fabulous 3 in 1 foundation. Go with more light-weight formulas rather than heavy and thick foundations.

maybelline matte and poreless

true match



Foundation Application Tools

You can definitely use a foundation brush, but for the best foundation application on visible facial hair, your finger tips works the best. Make sure your hands are clean before using them on your face.

Foundation Application Technique

It’s amazing how something so simple and easy makes such a huge difference in your foundation application. Sometimes something so obvious can be easily over-looked, but if you think about it, it all makes sense. When you apply foundation, never ever apply it in circular or upwards motion. You are only gonna highlight the peach-fuzz and make the facial hair more visible and prominent than they actually are. Plus they’ll stick out and look very very bad. The technique you should be using is simple, Always make sure you use downwards strokes whilst applying your foundation. Almost like smoothing down your peach-fuzz. You don’t wanna highlight it, you wanna minimize it. So, take some foundation on your finger tips, apply it in the downwards motion, and repeat the process. You will see how different your foundation application will be. It will minimize the appearance of facial hair and also give an even foundation application. Same goes for the powder, always use downwards strokes, especially around cheeks and jaw area.

I hope you find this post helpful.

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Zunaira Sulman.


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