Best baby monitor !

There’re so many options available in the market, that it’s hard to decide which one to get. Being a new mom i was absolutely confused which one to get, did a lot of research but still didn’t get any satisfying recommendations. I specifically wanted to have a video monitor. I know it gets a little too expensive, but it is sooooo worth it. I can’t emphasis enough.

AngelCare AC1100 !

I can’t say enough good things about this monitor. Transition from co-sleeper to another room in their own crib is a very challenging process. And all mothers lose their sleep over that phase. No matter which method you’re trying, cold turkey transition or rocking to sleep, the fact that you check on them through the video(zoom in and zoom out feature) without going in their room and disturbing their sleep, gives you so much peace of mind and relaxes you.

And the second most amazing feature is, the movement sensor. We all know how terrifying SIDs is. The fear of SIDs barely let you sleep. Movement sensor counts their movement, if there’s no movement within 20seconds. The alarm will notify you. So you can go and check on them immediately.
I had a false alarm experience 2 times in 13 months and it terrified the heck out of me. But it was because she rolled off of the movement sensor pads, that go underneath the mattress

This monitor also offers touch-screen system.Although i don’t really care much about that, it’s still a good option to have.

It also has a soothing aqua-ish night light, that my daughter absolutely loves. She DOES NOT sleep in full dark, so night light is an absolute must for us. And we didn’t have to buy it separately.

Knowing the temperature of the room, and your baby’s movement, and a video monitor, makes your sleep so much better and it helps you unwind properly and get ready for the next day. Although it comes with all the information regarding the features of monitor, these are what we used.

The only thing that needs to be taken care of is, The sensor pad can be used with a regulatory standard baby mattress, whatever the size or thickness. However, it can NOT be used with a memory foam mattresses, a dual sided, a mattresses with a hollow frame or a Purflo mattress.



Good Luck !!
              Zunaira Sulman.

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