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Best Affordable Makeup Products – 1

Best Affordable Makeup Products – 1

I have loved playing with makeup since I was a child. Obviously I wasn’t allowed to wear makeup, which I thank my parents for. HAHA! I was one of those little girls who wait to grow up, so they can play with makeup. When I used to see that lipstick mark on a glass or cup, I would tell myself , one day you are also gonna have a lipstick mark on your glass. I found it soooo elegant and lady-like. That is embarrassing (lol). But Oh well, I was a child. The point here is, I love playing with makeup, not complicated stuff, just enough to create and play with different looks, which are simple and easy to do. I don’t go for super heavy and complicated makeup looks. I wear low-medium coverage foundations, I use light-weight products. And the first thing I do when I reach home, I wash my makeup off, of course after, changing diaper, feeding my daughter and all those mommy shenanigans haha. I am absolutely aware that playing with makeup can get really pricey and expensive and then to top it off,sometimes you don’t like the products, they are not up to your expectations, you don’t like the formula and the list goes on.Big Disappointment. It is good to do your research before buying any product and spend wisely. There will be hits and misses, it’s okay. But try to spend wisely.

Best Affordable Foundations:

As I said earlier, I use low to medium coverage foundations. You don’t have to hide every single thing on your face. It’s okay if your blemishes peek through. It’s your skin, don’t mask it. It will just make things worse, when your pores won’t be able to breathe, It will cause more break outs,clogged pores and then the circle begins. My favorite foundations I have already mentioned on my blog before. When my skin is dry-medium according to the weather, I use Rimmel Wake me up Foundation,It is in a glass bottle with orange lid on it. It gives very hydrated, dewy and healthy look to your skin, and doesn’t cling on dry patches and exaggerate them.It has a slight shimmer in it, which is really not noticeable, but it is horrible for flash photography. So if you are ever gonna use this foundation avoid this on special occasions or whenever their are chances to get photographed with flash. Second on my list is, when my skin is oily-combination, It has to be L’Oreal Nude Magique Eau de Teint, It is also in a glass bottle with purple lid. It is my mooooost used foundation.This foundation is also not very great for flash photography, just a heads up. It has a liquid to powder finish. It is sooooooooo light-weight, doesn’t even feel like you are wearing a foundation. I absolutely LOVE, LOVE and LOVE this foundation. And if you have oily-combination skin, like I do, it is perfect for you. It does have a matte look, but you can always add a highlighter on top of it, to get just a tiny bit of glow. The only problem I have with this foundation is that, It doesn’t have a pump. It can get messy or you can waste some products if you are not careful while pouring it in your palm. Also It is very runny and liquidy, so you have to be careful with that, but It’s still worth the hassle, absolutely love this one. The third one is Bourjois Healthy Mix serum. I use this one when my skin feel really dull and I am suuuuuper tired and I need that glow to make me look alive. I am a mom Ok, there are days when I absolutely look like a Zombie, this is the foundation I go for. It is also low-medium coverage,totalllllly avoid this one if you have very oily skin. It’s Rimmel Wake me up foundation without shimmer. That’s the best way to explain it. Also it photographs fine, with flash. These three I have already talked about on my blog. Now I am adding few more foundations to the list, just to give you guys more options, these all are affordable and amazing products.Maybelline fit me and L’Oreal Infallible range of foundations is also great, also they photograph well, plus they are medium-full, I’d say almost full coverage foundations. You can totally use a primer before using a foundation. Nyx has an amazing face primer, I personally don’t like using primers very often. But it’s optional.

bourjois Fit-Me-Foundation-NEW-240-Golden-Beige loreal_infallible_24h_stay_fresh_foundation_billigparfumedk__39595 nude-magique-eau-de-teint-140-pure-beige



Concealers are basically for two reasons, first one is correcting and concealing and second one is highlighting or brightening. The concealer you use to hide your blemishes and acne scars, should be exactly the same as your skin/foundation shade. But if you are looking to brighten up the under eye area or anything like that, use a shade or two lighter than your skin tone. And never use the highlighting one over your acne and blemishes you are gonna cause more harm than help and exaggerate the imperfections. I love Maybelline instant age rewind concealer for under the eyes. It is absolutely amazing, super blendable and It is not to drying, neither too moisturizing. It is perfect balance, so, it doesn’t settle very much in your lines and winkles under the eyes, which are totally normal if you have them, only babies don’t. It’s no big deal. And to be honest I don’t hide acne scares or pimples, I don’t need full coverage anyway. But Maybelline Fit me concealer and Revlon photo ready concealer, conceal the blemishes flawlessly.

Under the eyes: Maybelline Instant Age rewind concealer, Rimmel True Match concealer, L’Oreal Magic Lumi highlighting pen, Rimmel wake me up concealer, Maybelline dream lumi touch.

Conceal imperfections: Maybelline Fit me concealer, Revlon photo ready mll mlll mllll mlllll mllllll mlllllll

Setting Powders:

If you are combination-oily skin. Setting Powders are must-must haves. A good setting powder will save you from looking like a shinny disco-ball. I prefer to use transparent Setting powders only in my T-zone, instead of one with little bit of coverage and all over my face. That’s just my preference. Anyway, my recommendations are Rimmel Stay Matter powder and Maybelline Fit me powder, but I would totally suggest to go with Rimmel stay matte powder. I am not a big fan of packaging but that product itself is amazing. So, I don’t care how much I dislike the packaging.

maybelline-fit-me-powder p


Nyx blushes all the way. In affordable options, I absolutely Love Nyx blushes. They are sooo close to NARS blushes, which are really really expensive. Either Nyx blushes or second option would be, L’Oreal True match blushes or Bourjois also make some really silky and pretty blushes, the powder ones though, not cream blushes

bourjois_pod_blush_colors_1_1 maybelline_fit_me_blush

nyx blush.


Affordable good quality non orange-y bronzers are really hard to find. They always have too pink or too orange undertones in them. They are very detectable on the skin and they just don’t look right. Bourjois Chocolate bronzer is the best afforable option. And also it has two compacts, one with illuminator/highlighter and brozer. I suggest getting only the bronzer compact. Because when you wiggle the brush in the pan highlighter gets dirty and quite a bit of bronzer gets into highlighter and it look funky on the skin. plus it is hard to get product on the brush that way. Also L’Oreal true match powder in darker shade as ur skin tone works great as bronzers. OR Maybelline stick foundation in darker shade as your skin tone also works great.

chocolate bronzertra

Highlighters / illuminators :

Since this blog post is getting really long. I will break it down in two posts. This one is solely for the face products, like foundations, concealers, powders,bronzers, blush and highlighters. And then I will make a separate blog post for eyes and lips. Anyway, You can find some really good highlighter within your budget. A while back finding a good highlighter was just as hard as finding a good bronzer, but thanks to nyx and revlon we have some really good options for highlighters. Revlon has amazing highlighting palettes, which are a total dupe of Bobbi brown shimmer bricks. Shimmer bricks are really expensive, obviously because they are by bobbi brown, it ain’t going to be cheap. Revlon has a good variety of shades, from pinky iluminators to bronze, from gold-ish to nude, totally up to you, which kind you like.  Plus Revlon and Nyx has liquid highlights which are absolute dream. They look flawless, and give you skin the prettiest glow. The other alternative for liquid and powder highlight, which is super travel-friendly is Stick highlighters by Maybelline, The “Master Glaze Highlight” which also works great. You can totally control the amount of product that goes on your face, but I would suggest rather than smearing the stick on your face, use your finger and dab on highlight on highlighting areas, this way you have more control over how much, and where you want your highlight to be.

highlitor revlon highting revlon-glow-highlighting-palette-bronze-7-5-g


maybelline master glzar

I hope you find this post helpful. Don’t forget to give your feed back and thumbs up if you liked it.

Good Luck!


Zunaira Sulman.

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