Best Affordable Makeup Products - 2

Best Affordable Makeup Products – 2

Best Affordable Makeup Products – 2

I have already shared a part one of best affordable makeup products, since the blog post was getting too long, I broke it down in 2 parts. In previous post I shared all amazing options for foundations, concealers, highlighters, iluminators, blushes, setting powders and bronzers. In this one I am gonna share everything that goes on top of it. Like  Eyebrow products, Eyeshadow, Eyeliners, Eye pencils, Mascaras Lipbalms, Lipsticks, Lip pencils, and pressed glitter/pigments.

Eyebrow Products:

I would only suggest, Nyx eyebrow kit and nyx eyebrow gel for good affordable options. If you love anastasia beverly hills products, but they are just toooo expensive, go for Nyx eyebrow gel or nyx eyebrow kit. If you are new to makeup go for powder kit, but if you are good at make up and have control with products then go for gel. I love the fact the kit comes with the spoolie and angled brush, and they actually work. Those are not crappy brushes that come with palette and the first thing you do is to through them away. They actually work. I love how compact it is. It also comes with setting wax. I personally have never used that, it is just sitting there. So, I’m not gonna comment on wax, but I love the concept and the actual product a whole lot.


Nyx Eyebrow Cake Powder_6 NYX Eyebrow Gels


Good quality eyeshadows are actually hard t to find in affordable options. There are some really really amazing affordable eyeshadows, but also there are so many crappy options,suuuper chalky,major shadow fall-off, that actually ruins your makeup and also the color pay off, ahh not so great. So getting an eyeshadow palette which is great and affordable is kinda tricky. The products I’m sharing in this blog are amazing, I totally recommend them and they are the best affordable options out there, and they actually match up to high-end level. L’Oreal , Nyx and Maybelline color tattoos are amazing. Absolutely love them. L’Oreal eyeshadows are really silky and smooth they have amazing color pay off and they have so many options, in matte to shimmer to even pressed pigments which I am gonna talk about later in this blog post. Also they are not harsh on sensitive eyes. Plus they have so many options and colors to choose from. Maybelline color tattoos are so amazing, they are suuuuper long lasting, you don’t have to use a primer underneath it, it act as a primer and shadow itself, they color pay off is amazing, it doesn’t set into liner  and one swipe of color tattoo and you are done with eye makeup. It is super fast and mess free. Absolutely adore these color tattoos. Nyx also has some great palettes, few of them I shared, but I find most nyx shadows are shame quality and everything is mostly same in all the palettes, you can choose from so many options, there might be few chalky in there, but there will always be few shadows in the palette which are not super great, but most of them are worth the price. I normally don’t go for drugstore/super drug eyeshadows, may be because I don’t buy a lot of eyeshadow palettes, I like to stick with my neutrals,which I have bough urban decay palettes.Anyway, Below are the great affordable options for eyeshadow.

loreal color riche eyeshadows maybelline color tatto nyx shadows

Pressed Pigments and Glitter:

                       When I think of affordable pressed pigments, only L’Oreal Infallible comes in my mind. They are good quality, most people with sensitive eyes do well with them. They are not super chunky, they do not irritate the eyes, they give a beautiful opaque look, and they are affordable too. What happens is, there are other cheaper alternatives too, but they make your eyes water, and also I have heard people saying how they dried out their eye area or caused rashes.  I would rather wear no make up, than that kind. You are causing more harm than help to yourself by using such products. L’Oreal infallible pressed shadows look so beautiful, and you can totally create a suuuuper glam, new year’s eve look with it. And as for glitter NYX NYX NYX ! It has glitter in eyeliner form, it has glitter in pressed form, chunky or fine, or roll or kind, It has so much variety.

Loreal infallible nyx glitters OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA nyx glitters nyx roll on


Eyeliner is something every girl loves. I have never seen a girl who doesn’t like wearing eyeliner. There are so many options to choose from, liquid, gel, pencil, pen felt tip, water proof, and the list goes on. It is totally about preference. I prefer gel eyeliner, but at the same time, it is hard to take off, it takes time, and i want things to be quick. Contrary to what people say I think gel eyeliner is the easiest to apply, it does look hard, but when you get the hang of it, gel eyeliner is the easiest to work with. The pen form is amazing for people who are just starting with makeup, it is just like a marker, you have a lot of control and precision. And liquid eyeliner is the most common kind. Every girl I believe starts with a liquid eyeliner. L’Oreal Lineur intense Brush tip liquid eyeliner is amazing for liquid eyeliner lovers. If you like thick wing and pen form Maybelline Super Liner Black Buster is the way to go for you, and if you love the gel kind Maybelline gel eyeliner is way to go, I love maybelline gel eyeliner. It come with a brush, which is not so crappy, but i find it works better with think eyeliner brushes, as compare to one it comes with. Now you decide which kind you like the most.



gel eyeliner LOreal-Liquid-Eyeliner1 pen eyeliner



There are some really amazing mascaras out there, which are affordable and does the job well, and soooo many to choose from, lengthening, thickening, waterproof, curling ,fiber lash,primer and mascara duos, multiplying, different kind of mascara brushes and the list goes on. I don’t like the crispy feel of water proof mascaras but I love how long lasting and curl holding they are, but It is a  disaster to take off and I also feel like If i wear waterproof mascara on its own, it pokes my eyes, since I have straight lashes. And they hurt my eyes. So what I do is, I wear non-waterproof mascara as a first coat, and then wear water proof mascara. It gets off super easy because it clings to non-waterproof mascara,  Maybelline go colossal extreme is absolute LOVE. I have mentioned plenty of times on this blog that I lack in lash department, but It literally gives my lash a life, it makes them thick and lengthens them. Also L’Oreal Volume Million Lashes, Lash out butterfly and Telescopic Mascara and physician’s formula mascara, they are literally the gems in the drugstore/super drug. They make you lashes look really, full, thick and long. And who doesn’t want that. Especially me, I just can’t wear false lashes. They make my eyes water. I try but my eyes get really sensitive.

go colosal loreal telescopic Loreal-Voluminous-Butterfly-Mascara-tube maybelline physicians formula



Eye Pencils:

You have to be very careful with the products you use on your eyes. It is one of the most delicate areas of your body. Plus I just want to add, always sharp your eye pencils, never use an eye pencil that needs to be sharpened and has rugged and sharp wooden edges. A lot of women make that mistake, I’m guilty of that too. Be gentle with your eyes. Anyway, L’Oreal silkissime eyeliner/pencils are ahhhmazing. They glide on your eyes when you apply them, they are urban decay’s version of 24/7 glide on pencils, but affordable. They have so many colors to choose from but if you like to stick to black they do offer black. Since they are creamy they to smudge a bit. Which is absolutely fine with me I love the smudged look, but If you don’t, you can totally set them with an eyeshadow. Second Option I have for you people is, Rimmel Scandaleyes Eye pencils. They are also amazing. My personal favorite one is in the nude shade, it totally opens up the eyes and makes you look awake and fresh, which I am usually not (lol). But they do have other colors to choose from. And lastly Maybelline master drama eye studio retractable eye pencils. They are soooo easy to use, I love the fact that you can just twist it to get the product out instead of sharpening it.

loreal-paris-silkissime-eyeliner-inflalible Rimmel-ScandalEYES-6464maybelline-master-drama-eye-pencil-bold-brown

Lip Pencils and Lip Balms:

Nyx, Maybelline and Revlon have some absolutely amazing options for lip liners.Nyx Retractable Lip pencils are my favorite kind. They are suuuuuuuuuper convenient. I don’t like sharpening my pencils. In fact the kind that needs to be sharpened are rotting somewhere. Ooops ! I prefer retractable ones, you can just twist it, and it is as good as new. They are not super drying, I hate it when lip liners make your lips dry and chappy. Revlon also has retractable lip pencils, which are just as amazing. If you are fine with the idea of sharpening your pencils, that Maybelline color drama lip pencils are also you can totally use them as lipsticks.I’m totally throwing in Revlon chubby sticks, since they do look like pencil, They are more like tinted balm, they are very balmy and moisturizing. I love them for everyday kinda lip products, REVLON lip butters and L’Oreal color riche lip balms are the same thing. Super moisturizing and tinted lip balms. Absolutely lovely.

color stay revlon retractable lip liner Maybelline-Color-drama-lip-pencil-review-1_thumb_600x400 maybellinecolordramalippencils nyx retraltable

lip balm lip butters revlon chubby sticks

Lipsticks and Lip glosses:

These days there are so many types of lip products in the market. It can actually get confusing, liquid lipsticks, lip stain kind,matte lipsticks,glossy lipsticks, etc etc. L’Oreal, Maybelline, Rimmel,Revlon and Nyx does the best lip products in affordable options. Literally most of the lip products they came out are a hit. You don’t have to worry much about wasting your money while spending on these lip products. L’Oreal color riche range, Maybelline color sensetional and vivds range, Nyx Round, liquid and Black label lipsticks are super impressive. You can never go wrong with these lipsticks. As for glosses Nyx is the best. They are super creamy and opaque. They have so many options to choose from. They are not drying, neither do they exaggerate dry patches on your lips. Same goes for L’Oreal wet Lip shine glosses, they are dupe for YSL lip stains, the only difference is YSL feels a little more heavier and substantial on the lips.

Colour-Caresse-Wet-Shine-Stain-2 LOreal color riche Maybelline-Colour-Sensational-Lipstick__40871_zoom revlon color stay revlon lipstick revlon soft nude black label lipstick Maybelline-Color-Sensational-5049

SuperLustrousrevlon lipsticks

I hope your found this post helpful. Leave me suggestions for future blog posts.

Good Luck!


Zunaira Sulman.

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