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BE POSITIVE Quotes ? You might be thinking what is this BE POSITIVE Quotes ? Well, I’m a very private person. I can never, for the life of me share anything negative with anyone. I know people always talk about how it is alright to just let it out, talking about it will make you feel better, I don’t believe that. Or at least I have my own ways of dealing with unpleasant experiences. I never say oh I’ve never had any negative experience in my life ever, I have had dealt with more crap than you can ever imagine and still do, it’s life. But I’ve my own ways of dealing with it. I don’t seek a shoulder to cry on, that’s not my thing. I like to take my time, process it in my brain and actually eliminate it from my life. I don’t distract myself, I don’t discuss it with anyone. One thing that really helps me, positive quotes. I’ve a diary filled with my favorite positive quotes. Whenever I struggle with finding positivity in life, I wait for the night, let everyone sleep, sit alone, and just let it out and get over with it. I don’t like to put this negative energy in my house, by acting all weird and sad, burdening my family with my behavior, nothing good comes out of it. It’s my job to make this house the happiest place for them. Wow, this post is harder to write than I thought. Anyhow there’re a couple of reasons I’m sharing few of my “BE POSITIVE quotes” , I get asked a lot how everything in my life is so perfect ? How I manage time to do everything ? How do I take time out for myself ? How I stay positive ? and I get hated a lot as well for that(lol). But oh well, for the most part married women and mommies ask me these questions. Because they actually know how hard it is to manage everything. That’s a whole new topic. Which I leave for some other day. All that anybody who reads this post needs to know is no matter what crappy situation you are in, it is not going to last forever. To me Positive quotes are not just words, they have the power to change my attitude towards the situation. They don’t change the situation, but they change the way I deal with it, and it changes EVERYTHING. No matter what crap comes your way, find a way to stay positive, and I think few of my favorite positive quotes might help you out;

1 – 10 Positive Quotes



This is one of my most favorite Positive Quotes ever. I don’t know there’s something about it that really helps me snap out of a weird phase real quick.


2 – 10 Positive Quotes



Seriously though, life becomes so much easier when you accept the apologies you never get. By forgiving, you free yourself, and doesn’t let it weigh heavy on your inner peace.


3 – 10 Positive Quotes



Sometimes being logical also helps.

4 – 10 Positive Quotes



Oh So Subtle ! well, I know, but try to laugh it away, find humor in things that bother you. I know you might be thinking I’ve gone bonkers, but try it.

5 – 10 Positive Quotes



I’m a big believer in, your patience doesn’t go unrewarded. Sooner or later it brings you the joy that you deserve.


6 – 10 Positive Quotes




A lot of the times we seek for the validation from others, in order to feel good about ourselves. That’s the meanest thing you can do to yourself.


7 – 10 Positive Quotes



You’re not gonna get answers to everything. In fact most of the things that we go through in life have no answers. Stop looking for answers when you know there are not any. Learn to let go of things, accept what you can’t change and learn to deal with it, and know that nothing lasts, if good times didn’t last, bad times won’t either.


8 – 10 Positive Quotes



Sometimes you just need to cry it out. Don’t hold it back, sometimes that’s the only way to get over things. Cry as much as you want, and be done with it.


9 – 10 Positive Quotes


You’re more blessed than you realize. Yes, life has the power to knock us down, but not everything in life is miserable. If you’re reading this post, I’m sure as heck there’re somethings in your life to be thankful for. Be grateful for what you have, because not acknowledging your blessings makes your life miserable.


10 – 10 Positive Quotes



We don’t have control over life, that’s the truth. Learn to accept things and work your way around them.


I hope these positive quotes help you out in some way. If you have any favorite positive quotes, feel free to share with me in the comments below,on facebook page or instagram @zunairasulman , because I really love positive quotes.

Good Luck!


Zunaira Sulman.

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