Autumn/Winter Essentials

Autumn/Winter Essentials:

YEAH !!  It’s time to say good bye to spring and summer and get excited about Autumn/Winter.Well, that’s a hard task. But there are certain somethings that are gonna put you in autumny/wintery mood and get you out of summer time sadness haha.

Fashion :

Now we all know, those knee-high boots, trench coats, hats, mittens, leg warmers and all the shebang, on itself  is enough to put you 70% in the mood.

- Having a coat, that flatters your body and cinches the waist is a must-have. So you don’t lose the shape, when you are all bundles up.

- Big over-sized cute jumpers. You can never go wrong with big over-sized jumper, leggins and boots look in autumn/winter ever.

- Leg warmer. Because it’s a little detail that gives so much oomph to your simple outfit.

-  Cute lounging pjs, because lets be honest, going out on cold days is not so much fun, so you are probably gonna spend most of the time at home. So why not make it fun.

-Knitted scarves. Because you can bundle up when you are outside and take it off easily in the indoors.

- Nail paints. Switch them from bright and colorful to darker earth tones and glittery.  and get your bright colorful dose with socks.


Nothing makes me more excited for fall/winter than plum/cranberry lipsticks.

- Cranberry,Plum, and Orange colored lipsticks are must-must-haves.

- Pinky/more natural hued blushes.

- Hydrating Creams. because the weather is gonna take its toll on your skin and dry it out. So make sure to moisturize and keep your skin hydrated.

- Lip balm. Because no one wants dry chapped lips.


- Candles.

- Fairy lights.

- Cute fall decorations.

- Good music

- Floral Arrangements

- Coffee, marshmallows etc

I hope you find this post helpful.

Good Luck!


Zunaira Sulman.

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